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Release of Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2018

June 28, 2018

The Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) compiled a Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2018. The report describes information on the current situation surrounding the intellectual property systems, future directions that Japan should take, domestic and overseas trends and analysis results, all of which are compiled into a report including recent statistical data, JPO initiatives and other efforts. The report also provides an opening article commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the Meiji Era.

1. Table of contents of the report

Opening article: History of Japan’s industrial property rights systems starting in the early Meiji Era

Part 1: Trends surrounding intellectual property

Chapter 1: Current status of application filing, registrations, examinations, appeals and trials inside and outside Japan
Chapter 2: Intellectual property activities in companies, etc.
Chapter 3: Intellectual property activities in SMEs and regions, etc.
Chapter 4: Intellectual property activities in universities, etc.
Chapter 5: Field-based application trends inside and outside Japan

Part 2: The JPO’s Initiatives

Chapter 1: Initiatives on patents
Chapter 2: Initiatives on designs
Chapter 3: Initiatives on trademarks
Chapter 4: Initiatives on trials and appeals
Chapter 5: Initiatives on enhancing information systems
Chapter 6: Support and policy measures for SMEs, venture businesses, regions, universities, etc.
Chapter 7: Support and policy measures for developing human resources
Chapter 8: New efforts for revising the industrial property rights systems

Part 3: International trends and the JPO’s initiatives therefor

Chapter 1: International trends of intellectual property rights systems
Chapter 2: Efforts for developing global environments for intellectual property

2. Website of the report

For the full text of the report, visit the JPO website:

3. Introduction of the opening article

2018 is a milestone year marking the 150th anniversary since the start of the Meiji Era in 1868. In commemoration, the report provides an opening article featuring Japan’s industrial property rights system started in the Meiji Era.

  1. Paving a way to designing Japan’s industrial property rights systems
    Focusing on Mr. Korekiyo Takahasi, the first commissioner of the JPO, in particular, the article introduces the people who made extraordinary efforts for designing industrial property rights systems from the early to mid Meiji Era so as to compete in the international system of technology and ideas. These forefathers of today’s JPO sought many of the same goals that today’s leaders do, including how best to fill the technical gaps between Japan and overseas countries, and successfully introduce best practices and systems from abroad into Japan so as to spur economic growth.
  2. Applications registered for the first time under the patent, design and trademark systems inaugurated in Meiji Japan
    The article describes three applications respectively registered for the first time in Japan under the patent, design and trademark systems inaugurated in the Meiji Era. These applications stimulate our imagination on the details of people’s lives and industries of that time.
  1. Introduction of the statistical information
    The article provides an overview of the number of applications for patents, designs and trademarks, showing in the growth of these applications from Meiji to present day (see figures below; for 2017, see the right axis).

The main text of the report describes a variety of statistical information as below.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office