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Procedure for Switching to Electricity Retailer (Low Voltage Type) Announced

July 6, 2018

In response to the full liberalization of entry into the electricity retail markets, a growing number of electricity consumers, and voltage using households, have been switching their contracts from their current electricity retailers to new ones. According to this growth, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been receiving more and more inquiries for switching procedures. To address this situation, METI hereby announces a common procedure that consumers should take for this purpose.

If a consumer intends to switch electricity retailers, i.e., make a new contract with a different electricity retailer for electricity supply, the only procedure that he/she should complete is making a contract with the new retailer from which he/she intends to be supplied with electricity. It is not always necessary for consumers to contact the current electricity retailers with which they have made a contract.

If you intend to switch such retailers, you are required to present the following information to the new retailer to complete the switching procedure: [i] your name, [ii] your address, [iii] your customer number issued by the current retailer with which you have made a contract, and [iv] the ID number of service points. You can find the information on items [iii] and [iv] above on the notice of bank transfer or bill issued by the current retailer. If you cannot access such information, please make an inquiry to your current electricity retailer.

Regarding Fukushima Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fukushima Electric Power”), METI received a notice from the company that it will close its electricity retail business and that it has sent a notice of contract termination showing the termination date as June 30, 2018, to its users who have made a contract with the company.

In response, more and more such users have finished the switching procedure to a new retailer, but some have not yet finished.

Even after the termination date, you, a user of Fukushima Electric Power, will have a certain period of time before the company completely stops power supply. However, if you continue to use electricity with no contract with any retailers, power supply will eventually stop and you may suffer suspension of such supply.

Accordingly, METI requests users of the company to contact the new retailer with which you intend to make a contract and to complete the switching procedure as soon as possible. Moreover, in some cases, you can complete such procedures without offering the information of items [iii] and [iv] above. METI strongly recommends you that contact the new retailer first.

Division in Charge

Market Surveillance Division, Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission

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