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Successful Projects Selected under the BrandLand Japan Program

Efforts for overseas business development through the collaborative teams of SMEs and expert producers

July 18, 2018

In 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) launched a program titled “BranfLand Japan” that uses experts called “producers” to support SMEs and other entities in winning overseas demand for their attractive commodities and services that are unique to Japan.

Following on from FY2017, METI selected 14 projects from the 50 applicants for the FY2018 program through screening by an external examination committee, and hereby announces the successful projects.

1. Outline of the program

Under the Project to Support SMEs by Employing Experts to Consult on the Production of Japan Brand Products and Services (commonly called “BrandLand JAPAN” program), as an effort for which a portion of the FY2018 initial budget has been allocated, METI has been supporting SMEs in making use of external human resources, i.e., “producers”, with expertise in the fields of lifestyles and other demand-related factors of overseas markets. The producers also provide consultation services throughout every step of production for new products including development, branding, and marketing to distribution of commodities that take advantage of Japan’s unique characteristics. Through this effort, METI has been assisting such SMEs in deploying business activities to expand overseas sales channels.

Under this program, METI will subsidize expenditures required for producing new products, including rewards and travel fees for the producers, and expenditures for overseas PR activities, counseling meetings with experts, and support for advertising, marketing and other measures. Overseas business development successes under the program will be broadly publicized through a variety of channels, including on the website developed exclusively for the selected projects, progressive reports and seminars held during relevant events.

2. Successful projects

METI selected 14 successful projects through screening by an external examination committee, based on the concreteness of their action plans, market competitiveness, effective utilization of producers, and other criteria.
Number of applicants: 50
Number of successful projects: 14 (for an outline of these projects, see the Appendix)

3. Future schedule

July 25, 2018: Kick-off event titled “OPEN DIALOG” at Nikkei Conference Room (Tokyo)
Around November 2018: Debriefing on the interim report
Around March 2019: Debriefing on the final report

For more details on the successful projects, visit the following official website managed by the secretariat:


Division in Charge

Cool Japan Policy Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group