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METI Establishes Digital Transformation Offices to Promote Digitalization in METI’s Administrative Procedures

July 25, 2018

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) considers it is important to improve the efficiency of administrative procedures and the productivity of the public and private sectors through digitalization, to improve the quality of administrative services for the public and businesses, and to advance data-based policy planning. In order to systematically promote efforts to achieve these goals, METI hereby establishes the METI Digital Transformation Office and SMEA Digital Transformation Office.

1. Background and purpose

Conventional administrative procedures impose heavy burdens on the public and businesses, including high volumes of paperwork, complicated procedures, and long wait times before starting face-to-face procedures, and generally suffer from a lack of user-friendliness.

As many private companies are introducing digital technologies into their services, the public sector services demonstrate a wide gap in the service level compared to the private sector. METI needs to improve the user-friendliness of its administrative services in order to close the gap.

Additionally, METI will aim to establish an environment and culture in which it is systematically able to utilize data while introducing the latest related technologies. Through these efforts, METI will strive to achieve more efficient government.

2. Outline

METI will establish a new office called the “METI Digital Transformation Office.” This office will aim to systematically promote integration of a variety of METI’s internal duties into a consistent flow, ranging from review of internal service procedures and design, development and operation of services, to data utilization.

This office, consisting of a team of administrative staff and external IT expert human resources, will support digitalization projects targeting both administrative services and internal duties.

METI will simultaneously establish a new office called “SMEA Digital Transformation Office” to improve the user-friendliness of highly in-demand administrative services for SMEs in particular, and to increase the sophistication of policy planning, based on data utilization.

3. Future schedule

  1. METI will construct a common authentication infrastructure for companies, through which a company is able to complete multiple electronic administrative procedures with a single ID and password, and a new system for submitting subsidy requests, and will start trial operations of the infrastructure and system sequentially from FY2018. Following this, it will advance dissemination of the infrastructure and system into the Cabinet Office and other ministries.
  2. METI will embark on the construction of a platform for supporting SMEs in FY2018, through which METI will be able to actively provide information to SMEs on support measures and support organizations targeting SMEs and provide administrative services, and will start providing services through the platform as they become available.
  3. METI will launch efforts to make back-office operations more efficient in FY2018, including improvement of data management on METI staff to make internal systems more efficient and will advance the efforts as needed.

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