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IT Passport Examination Updated to “iPass 4.0” in Response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Adding questions in the field of new technologies relating to the Fourth Industrial Revolution essential to all adult workers

August 6, 2018

Joint Press Release with the Information-technology Promotion Agency

The Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) announced that it has updated the Information Technology Passport Examination (iPass) - the national exam - to iPass 4.0 by revising the scope of the exam and the syllabus in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

1. About the IT Passport Examination (iPass)

iPass is a national exam that evaluates basic IT knowledge. Since its inauguration in FY2009, approximately 890,000 people have applied for the exam and approximately 390,000 people have passed it, as of the end of June 2018.

2. Background of this update

The recent development of data utilization technologies, including AI, big data and IoT - referred to as “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” - has been profoundly impacting Japanese economy and society. The “Strategy for Investments for the Future 2018” (approved by the Cabinet on June 15, 2018) intends to promote the formulation of “IT literacy” standards which should be met by adult workers and enhancement of iPass as a means of certifying examinees’ IT literacy, including their proficiency in AI and IT, which companies can reference in hiring new employees and reassessing current employees.

Against this background, the IPA revised the scope of the exam of iPass, the syllabus, etc. and added questions related to new technologies.

3. Specific revisions

The scope of iPass questions was expanded by taking into account new technologies (e.g., AI, big data and IoT) used by companies in various industries and adding new categories and terms related to agile methodologies, etc. In addition, the information security category was added to iPass in response to the increasing importance of this field.

The IPA plans to increase the proportion of questions related to new technologies to approximately 50%.

For more information, please visit the IPA website below:

Division in Charge

Local Informatization and Human Resource Development Office, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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