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Successful Companies Determined and Adopted as Participants in JETRO Innovation Program

Initiative to encourage startups intending to develop business worldwide take advantage of intellectual property

August 23, 2018

The Japan Patent Office

The JETRO Innovation Program (JIP) is an initiative operated by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) under the Project for Supporting Startups in Developing Business Using Japan-Oriented Intellectual Properties subsidized by the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

JPO hereby announces that 49 companies were determined and adopted as participants in the JIP. This program will provide startups having outstanding technologies with hands-on support measures to encourage them to develop their business overseas taking advantage of intellectual property.

1. Outline of the JIP

As an initiative subsidized by the JPO and operated by JETRO, this program aims to consistently support startups having outstanding technologies in developing their business overseas through region-based hands-on support measures.

In the FY2018 program, JETRO will target six regions, i.e., Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, Berlin, and three ASEAN economies (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand) and will conduct the following three efforts:

2. Key points of the FY2018 program

(1) Expanded target regions

(2) Improved program in Shenzhen, China

As for programs in Shenzhen, China, JETRO will expand the number of the JIP participants from 10 in FY2017 to 16 in FY2018. It will also improve details of the program and implement two local events.

(3) Increased number of companies in the provinces participating in the program

In the FY2017 program, the ratio of participating companies locating their headquarters in the provinces, i.e., regions other than Tokyo and its metropolitan areas, was approximately 30%, i.e., 11 companies out of 36 in total. In the FY2018 program, the ratio of such companies is approximately 40% of all participants, or 19 companies, almost double from the previous year. Looking at the breakdown of the 19 companies, four are from Osaka Prefecture, three from Kyoto and Fukuoka Prefectures, respectively, two from Nigata Prefecture, and one from Miyazaki, Fukushima, Shiga, Mie, Nara, Okayama and Saga, respectively.

3. Outline of respective events in the target regions under the FY2018 program

Silicon Valley, United States

Title of exhibition: Disrupt SF 2018
Date: From September 5 (Wed.) to 7 (Fri.), 2018
Venue: Moscone West

Pitch presentation / business-matching event: TechMatch
Date: From September 10 (Mon.) to 11 (Tue.), 2018
Venue: The VAULT, Hero City

Shenzhen, China

Pitch presentation / business-matching event
Date: From September 7 (Fri.) to 12 (Wed.), 2018
Venue: Kexing Science Park

Title of exhibition: CHINA HI-TECH FAIR
Date: From November 14 (Wed.) to 15 (Thur.), 2018
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Berlin, Germany

Startup event: STARTUPNIGHT 2018
Date: September 7 (Fri.), 2018
Venue: Deutsche Telekom AG

ASEAN economy: Jakarta, Indonesia

Pitch-presentation event: Startup Challenge
Date: August 28 (Tue.), 2018
Venue: Soehanna Hall

ASEAN economy: Malaysia

Pitch-presentation event: Startup Challenge
Date: October 11 (Thur.), 2018
Venue: Site in Kuala Lumpur (under coordination)

ASEAN economy: Thailand

Title of exhibition: CEBIT ASEAN Thailand
Date: From October 18 (Thur.) to 20 (Sat.), 2018
Venue: IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Centre

Note: For details of the JIP, visit the following website:

4. Companies to which support measures are provided and process for selecting the companies

JETRO screened applicants by application documents, then conducted an intensive training course as well as the second screening called “Boot Camp” to be presented by collaborating accelerators in the regions at which the JIP will be conducted, and determined 49 companies as those to which support measures are provided as shown in the Appendix attached to the Japanese language news releasePDF. Details of these support measures under the JIP will vary among these companies.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office & Information Dissemination and Policy Promotion Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, JPO