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METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi Visits the United States

September 18, 2018

From September 12 (Wed.) to 15 (Sat.), 2018, Mr. Masaki Ogushi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, visited the State of California, the United States.

1. Attending a meeting of the Hydrogen Council

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi attended a meeting of the Hydrogen Council* that brought together CEO-level executives of global companies related to the hydrogen industry to provide and share comprehensive visions for dissemination of hydrogen-related technologies, and he explained the current situation and challenges that global society is facing in energy utilization and Japan’s efforts for realizing a hydrogen-powered society, and encouraged participants to attend a Hydrogen Ministerial Meeting scheduled to be held on October 23, 2018 in Tokyo.**


*1: The Hydrogen Council was established in January 2017 as an opportunity to encourage participating companies to discuss issues on hydrogen, a resource expected to become a solution to overcoming climate change and energy security and other energy challenges, in order to offer their common visions to global society.

**2: The Hydrogen Ministerial Meeting is an opportunity for participating ministers to hold discussions on the importance of hydrogen and future direction of policies for hydrogen so as to achieve worldwide utilization of hydrogen. 

2. Holding meetings with CEO-level executives of global companies

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi held respective meetings with Mr. Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO, Air Liquide S.A., and the chairman of the council, and Dr. Woong-Chul Yang, Vice Chairman, Hyundai Motor Company, and exchanged views with each representative on perspectives of hydrogen utilization, including fuel cell electric vehicles, measures for expanding such utilization to a global scale, and other issues.

3. Visiting companies playing an active role in California

(1) Visiting Orbital Insight

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi visited Orbital Insight, a company analyzing data on a huge amount of satellite images using artificial intelligence and providing a variety of solutions to businesses, and exchanged views with staff of the company.

(2) Visiting a hydrogen refueling station

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi visited a remotely-monitored unmanned hydrogen refueling station, received explanations on operation of the station and experienced a hydrogen-injection operation to a fuel-cell vehicle.

(3) Visiting eMotorWerks Inc.

He visited eMotorWerks Inc., a company engaging in adjusting the amount of charge for electric vehicles and regulating the supply-demand balance of grid power, and exchanged views with staff of the company.

Division in Charge

Advanced Energy Systems and Structure Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy