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Series of Cosmetics Promotion Events Titled “Japan Beauty Week” to be Held

At the Tokyo International Film Festival and in Myanmar for the first time

October 23, 2018

Japanese cosmetics, popularly known as “J-beauty,” have been attracting public attention inside and outside Japan. To encourage this trend, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), in collaboration with the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA), has been holding a series of promotional events titled “JAPAN Beauty Week” around the world since 2013, as an effort to convey the attractiveness of Japanese cosmetics. As part of this, from October 25 (Thur.) to November 3 (Sat.), 2018, METI will hold a JAPAN Beauty Week event at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for the first time in Japan.

In addition, from October 27 (Sat.) to 28 (Sun.), 2018, they will hold another Japan Beauty Week event at a shopping mall in Myanmar for the first time.

1. JAPAN Beauty Week in TIFF

At the site of the TIFF, one of the most representative film festivals in Asia, METI will collaborate with three Japanese cosmetics brands and convey the value of J-beauty to people inside and outside Japan through various events, such as applying makeup to actresses who will walk down a red-carpet runway and a booth exhibition at “Tokyo Film Lounge,” a pop-up lounge at the site of Hills Cafe/Space of Roppongi Hills.

The booth will be open at the coffee space of Hills Cafe/Space during TIFF and provide visitors an opportunity to try Japanese cosmetics and receive sample products.

Details of the event

Date: From October 25 (Thur.) to November 3 (Sat.), 2018
Venue: Tokyo Film Lounge, Hills Cafe/Space, Roppongi Hills
Admission: Free (open-door style)
Co-organizer: METI

2. JAPAN Beauty Week in Myanmar 2018

Against the backdrop that the cosmetics market in Myanmar has been growing in recent years, METI will hold a promotional event titled “JAPAN Beauty Week in Myanmar 2018” at Myanmar Plaza, a large shopping mall, targeting the business-to-consumer (B-to-C) industries. This event aims to raise public awareness of technologies, cultures and brands of Japanese cosmetics. This will be the first JAPAN Beauty Week event in Myanmar.

Two Japanese cosmetic manufacturers with outstanding technologies will participate in the event.

Details of the event

Date and time:

Venue: Atrium, first floor, Myanmar Plaza (shopping mall)
Admission: Free (open-door style)
Organizer: JTB Corp.
Supporters: METI and JCIA

*Note: These occasions of the event are part of the efforts taking advantage of the Subsidy Program Regarding Projects for Enhancing the Content Industry (Project for Supporting Efforts for Conveyance and Development of the Cool-Japan Initiatives through Cross-sectoral Collaboration).

Outline of the JAPAN Beauty Week event

Jointly with JCIA, METI has been engaging in a series of promotional events called “JAPAN Beauty Week” around the world to convey the high functionality and quality of Japanese cosmetics to international businesses and consumers, aiming to contribute to encouraging Japanese cosmetics and toiletry industries to cultivate and develop new sales channels to overseas countries.

Future schedule

November 15 (Thur.), 2018: JAPAN Beauty Week in Cosmoprof Asia 2018
2019: JAPAN Beauty Week in Russia 2019

Division in Charge

Bio-Business Promotion Office, Bio-Industry Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau