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Premium-Friday University to Open

Providing the public with an opportunity to learn new things

November 16, 2018

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) embarks on a new initiative called “Premium-Friday University” in which METI will collaborate with universities and promote university-run recurrent educational programs for workers.

One of the goals of the Premium Friday initiative is to encourage public to increase their spare time through working style reforms, and make more time for intellectual activities outside their workplace.

METI will start the initiative with four universities that are committed to the purpose of this initiative. To provide public with more opportunities for recurrent education, the universities will offer the educational programs under this initiative on Premium Friday every month and also on other days.

1. Purpose of the initiative

METI will collaborate with four universities that are committed to the purpose of the initiative (i.e., fostering momentum for the recurrent educational system for workers) and will start such recurrent educational programs and events, which will be run by the universities and collectively called “Premium-Friday University,” from November 2018 and continuing in the months that follow.

This initiative, called “Premium Friday University”, aims to provide university-run recurrent educational programs and events for workers mainly on the last “Premium” Friday of every month and these programs will start on the Premium Friday in November, i.e. November 30, 2018.

2. Details of cooperating universities and programs and events of the initiative

For details of the programs and events under the Premium-Friday University initiative from November 2018, see the Appendix attached to the Japanese language press release.

Future schedules of such programs and events and the latest information on the initiative will be publicized on the Premium-Friday University website below when appropriate.

3. Other information

This initiative will be planned and conducted in cooperation with Learning Initiative Inc.

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