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JPO Starts FY2018 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign

Toward a society with no fake products

November 27, 2018

Upholding a campaign slogan titled “Buying fake products just isn't cool,” the Japan Patent Office (JPO) started the FY2018 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign on November 27 (Tue.), 2018.

In particular, the campaign this year is targeting young people in their early 20s to raise their awareness of the importance of not buying fake products.

1. Background

People are now facing a society with a variety of opportunities where anyone can trade fake products easily through flea market applications, social networking services (SNSs) and other means. In particular, young people in their early 20s tend to frequently use such applications and SNSs. The number of such young people who purchase fake products shows no sign of significant decline despite their awareness that purchasing fake products is frowned upon. In light of this situation, the JPO has begun a campaign aiming to explain accurate information on fake products targeting the public, young people in particular, and to reduce trade of fake products.


2. Period of the campaign

From November 27 (Tue.), 2018, to January 31 (Thur.), 2019

3. Outline of the campaign slogan

The JPO upholds a campaign slogan titled “Buying fake products just isn't cool”.
According to the results of the JPO's questionnaire survey targeting young people in their early 20s, approximately 80% of the respondents answered that they feel uncomfortable toward a friend if they show off a fake product in front of their friends. On the other hand, approximately 70% of them said that they would not condemn a friend for purchasing a fake product. In light of such a tendency of behaviors that young people are likely to take, the JPO decided upon the slogan.

4. Details of the campaign

(1) Dedicated website for the campaign

On November 27 (Tue.), 2018, the JPO opened a dedicated website for the campaign. On this website, it distributes a video clip for the campaign, provides tips for identifying suspicious websites which might be selling fake products, and explains case examples of damages caused by fake products.

(2) Distribution of a video clip for the campaign

Upholding the campaign slogan titled “Buying fake products just isn't cool,” the JPO began distribution of a 60-second video clip through a variety of SNSs and other means. Moreover, it started broadcasting the video clip on digital signage in major stations in six large cities across Japan and on video-clip distribution websites ran by the private sector.

5. Supporters

Intellectual Property Policy Headquarters of the Cabinet Office; National Police Agency; Consumer Affairs Agency; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Japan Customs under the Ministry of Finance; Agency for Cultural Affairs; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Japan Tourism Agency; and International Intellectual Property Protection Forum (IIPPF)

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