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The IoT Acceleration Lab Will Hold the “Eighth IoT Lab Connection”

December 3, 2018

On December 3, 2018, the IoT Acceleration Lab started a call for applicants for the “Eighth IoT Lab Connection” featuring theme-based project and business collaboration among companies. The theme for this event is “town development in 2030.”

In addition, on February 27 (Wed.), 2019, the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold a business matching event for the IoT Lab Connection based on the results of the call.

1. Purpose

With the technological advent of IoT, AI and big data, the structures of industries and society are seeing significant changes. In response to this situation, the IoT Acceleration Lab aims to create advanced projects utilizing IoT in Japan and to implement the results publicly, and to this end, it has been undertaking certain efforts, including the review of necessary regulations and systems, demonstration projects for the development of environments (e.g., stipulating new rules spanning various industries), and the feasibility study on which these efforts are premised.

As efforts to support companies in engaging in mutual collaboration, the IoT Acceleration Lab held seven IoT Lab Connections featuring project and business collaboration among participating companies based on different themes: tourism and manufacturing (first event); healthcare (medical care and health) and sports as well as logistics, distribution and infrastructure (second); smart homes and mobility (third); Fintech, education, agriculture and foods (fourth); working style reforms and sharing economy (fifth); entertainment, risk management and AI (sixth); and smart life (seventh).

At the Eighth IoT Lab Connection, the solution matching event will focus on the theme of “town development in 2030,” and will provide a business matching event targeting IoT Acceleration Lab member companies or corporate groups, associations and municipalities that have business models, technologies and services related to the theme.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

2. Outline of the event

Note: How to register for membership in the IoT Acceleration Lab
To register, visit the IoT Acceleration Consortium website below and complete an application form free of charge by checking the box for the IoT Acceleration Lab.

For details on how to apply and the future schedule, visit the websites above.

Note: On the same date as the event, two other events will also be held at the same facility. For details of how to attend those events, see the separate press releases as follows:

Division in Charge

IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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