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Invitation for Public Comments on the Draft Cyber/Physical Security Framework

January 9, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hereby announces the second invitation for public comments on the Draft Cyber/Physical Security Framework. For the purpose of ensuring cybersecurity for the entire supply chain under “Society 5.0” and “Connected Industries” to be realized through IoT, AI and other advanced technologies, the draft framework presents a well-organized overview of cyber/physical security measures that industries are required to take.

1. Background and purpose

On February 7, 2018, METI launched Working Group (WG) 1 (Systems, Technologies and Standardization) under the Study Group for Industrial Cybersecurity and started discussions concerning a framework for cyber/physical security measures, aiming to achieve secured cybersecurity in the entire supply chain under the Society 5.0 policy and the Connected Industries policy. Since then, WG1 held discussions on the framework.

Under the Society 5.0 and Connected Industries, policies that Japan aims to achieve through IoT, a system where all things are connected via the internet, and AI, an advanced technology by which data create intelligence, industries will face a shift of supply chains for creating products and services from the conventional stereotypical, linear mode to non-stereotypical one, a result from the connection of a variety of industries.

WG1 defined such Society 5.0-type supply chains as a “value creation process” to distinguish them from the conventional supply chains, organized measures for cyber/physical security required to meet the concept of the supply chains that will expand under the national policies, and compiled the results into a Draft Cyber/Physical Security Framework.

In addition to this effort, from April 27 (Fri.) to May 28 (Mon.), 2018, METI called for public comments on the draft framework, and on October 5 (Fri.), 2018, the Cross-Sectoral Sub Working Group under WG1 held discussions on the review of the draft framework based on the received public comments, opinions of experts and other elements.

Based on these discussions, METI revised the draft framework and started the second call for public comments on the revised draft framework in order to receive a variety of public comments again. METI also formulated the draft framework in English, taking into consideration that industries in global supply chains will utilize it, and METI wishes to receive as many frank opinions as possible from a wide variety of people inside and outside Japan.

2. Details of the call

3. The Draft Cyber/Physical Security Framework

4. Period of the call

From January 9 (Wed.) to February 28 (Thur.), 2019*
*Note: Comments will be acceptable until 12:00 a.m. (local time) on March 1 (Fri.), 2019.

5. Submission counter

If you wish to submit your comments, see the information above and send a completed submission form.

Division in Charge

Cybersecurity Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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