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Second Satellite Data Analysis Contest “Tellus Satellite Challenge” to be Held

January 18, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been promoting utilization of the satellite data platform called “Tellus.” As part of this effort, METI decided to hold the second satellite data analysis contest titled “Tellus Satellite Challenge” and will start a call for entries into the contest on January 18, 2019. METI is looking forward to receiving your application.

1. Purpose

From the viewpoint of promoting establishment of new business making use of satellite data, METI, as efforts in FY2018, implemented a new project, titled “Project for Establishment of Open and Free Government Satellite Data and Business Environmental Arrangement for Data Utilization,” and since then it has been advancing development of a user-friendly satellite data platform called “Tellus.” METI considers it important to promote utilization of satellite data and also to uncover and foster potential human resources that are able to analyze and utilize satellite data, and from this viewpoint and as part of the project, it decided to hold the second satellite data contest titled “Tellus Satellite Challenge.”

A combination of data derived from studies on space, which are considered as part of big data, with a variety of other data is expected to become a means to provide solutions to social challenges in a variety of fields, e.g., agriculture, infrastructure management and finance.

Against this backdrop, the second contest will focus on the viewpoint of making use of characteristics of satellite data, use of which allows a wide range of areas to be observed, and making more efficient the efforts for ascertaining marine environments and, based on this viewpoint, it will request entries to take on “detection of ships in waters by taking advantage of high-resolution optical satellite data” as the subject of the contest. Specifically, based on satellite image data, entries will be required to judge whether or not a ship is moving or to identify an object as a barge (a ship that carries cargoes and other loads by commuting between its main ship and a wharf). Outstanding entries that have successfully developed algorithms with high detection accuracy will be honored and the algorithms will be disclosed to the public in a form adopted to Tellus for use. METI is looking forward to receiving your proactive application.

2. Outline of the contest

Division in Charge

Space Industry Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI