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Study Group for the Content Business Era Held

March 1, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) held a meeting of the Study Group for the Content Business Era.

In light of the expanding global content market, METI has been advancing research on demographic movements, the dissemination of the internet and devices, and consumers' trends in ways of spending leisure time in major countries, and studies on future development of the global content market. As part of this effort, METI held a meeting of the Study Group for the Content Business Era to discuss these issues.

Ultimately, the study group plans to compile a final report and design an interactive simulation game that can be utilized by content-related companies in training sessions and in establishing their business strategies.

1. Background

Films, TV programs, music, games, comics and other types of content formerly had independent distribution routes, such as screening at movie theaters, broadcasting, or selling at record shops or book stores. However, thanks to rapid digitalization and dissemination of smartphones, in particular, people now can enjoy all types of content anywhere at any time via the internet. The Japanese content business with international competitiveness now has a great opportunity to capture the global market.

In order to compete in the global content market, it is necessary to ascertain global trends in consumer leisure activities, and to adapt accordingly. Japanese content-related companies need to both understand what content global consumers prefer to spend their leisure time on and strategically and flexibly conduct business activities in response to ever-changing business environments and consumption preferences. They must also respond to intensifying competition brought about by the emergence of foreign platforms and increasing content investments in emerging countries.

2. Discussions under the study group

The Study Group on the Content Business Era has been examining demographic movements, per-capita GDP, and dissemination rates of communication infrastructure and devices expected in the coming five years, as well as the lengths of consumer leisure time and trends in the ways they spend leisure time, targeting major economies, with the aim of aiding the business decisions of Japanese content-related companies.

Based on these examinations, experts in the front line of information technologies and content business have held deliberations on the future vision of the content market and key factors for business expansion that the top management of content-related companies should be aware of. In addition, they have been working on designing a simulation game which enable users to experience the environment surrounding the content industry.

At the first meeting of the study group, participants delivered briefings on the progress of the examination mentioned above and exchanged views on the basic design of a simulation game. At today’s second meeting, participants discussed changes in environment surrounding the content industry, which will be an important element of the simulation game. The study group will deepen discussions on such issues, and generate a report of the discussion results at the third meeting scheduled for March 18 (Mon.), 2019, which will be the last round of the study group’s meetings. The report will be publicized after the meeting.

3. Simulation Game

In addition to a written report, the study group is working on designing an interactive simulation game that enables the top management of content-related companies to simulate the future content market thereby deepening their understanding of the industry moving forward. At the third meeting, members of the study group will use the simulation game as a pilot trial.


Division in Charge

Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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