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JPO Opens Member Registration for “IP Base” Website

IP portal website for startups

March 8, 2019

On March 8 (Fri.), 2019, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) began accepting member registrations for a portal website related to intellectual property (IP) targeted at startups titled “IP Base.” This website will provide useful information for startups such as need-to-know basics concerning intellectual property (IP) strategies, available support measures and the latest event information, etc.

Through this website, the JPO will enhance its communication of IP information to members.

Note: The website has officially been re-named from “IP Knowledge Base for Startups” to “IP Base.”

1. Enhanced functions of the website

In December 2018, the JPO opened an IP portal website to provide a space for the establishment of an online IP community in which startups first and foremost visit and learn about IP and are connected to IP experts. Since then, the website has been providing a variety of IP content, including basic information on IP, support measures, events and other programs, targeting startups, venture capital firms, accelerators and other businesses as well as patent attorneys, advocates and other IP experts.

On March 8 (Fri.), 2019, the JPO will open member registration for the website to provide richer information to members in a timely manner. These members are entitled to access members-only information, such as monthly email newsletters and columns written by leading IP experts.

The JPO will expand the functions of the website for members, such as retrieval of data on experts who have registered on the website and provision of online counseling opportunities on IP issues.

2. Outline of the website

3. Member registration