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METI to Hold a Symposium titled “Find Job in Local Area through Smartphone Apps”

March 14, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold a symposium to promote matching between young people in search of new jobs and mid-ranking companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in local area. The matching initiative focuses on introducing “UIJ turns”* with local businesses.

1. Purport

Labor shortage is a very serious challenge facing many mid-ranking companies and SMEs in local areas. Additionally, approximately 30% of newly-graduated university students leave their jobs within three years. In light of this situation, promoting the matching of local companies, who face labor shortages, with young people, who have left their jobs early, is an urgent issue from the perspectives of supporting mid-ranking companies and SMEs in securing human resources, realizing employment that fulfills the wishes of young people, and promoting regional revitalization.

Matching young people in large urban areas who are interested in working in smaller cities or rural environments with businesses in those areas is considered particularly valuable. Young people wishing for such a career change fall within the so called “UIJ turns”* categorization.

* “UIJ turns” include “U turn,” where people who relocated to urban areas for education or employment return to their hometowns; “I turn,” where people relocate to other regions; and “J turn,” where people relocate to local cities near their hometowns.

In such a context, and in recognition of the fact that young people who leave their jobs early often use private job information websites to find new employment, an initiative was established to promote employment information for local mid-ranking companies and SMEs to be shown on private job information websites (the outline of the initiative is explained in the Appendix).

This symposium is held to promote the utilization of this effort, by encouraging local chambers of commerce and industry, commercial and industrial associations, private human-resource businesses, local public entities, local financial institutions, etc. to participate, and by ensuring broad publicity among them on this effort.

2. Outline of the symposium

The symposium will explain the important points and benefits of this effort, including the utilization of relevant support measures offered by the government. Private human resource businesses that are working on matching job applicants and employment information will also explain the advantage of utilizing online resources for facilitating such matching. Further, by adding the heads of the local public entities and local chambers of commerce, who stand at the forefront of securing human resources in local areas, and those who actually relocated and were employed in regions away from urban areas, a panel discussion will be held to hear authentic voices on relocation to and employment in rural areas, and expectations on this effort.

Division in Charge

Regional Business Innovation Promotion Division, Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Group