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JPO Status Report 2019 Released

March 29, 2019

The Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) hereby announces the release of the JPO Status Report 2019, a compilation of the latest statistical information and policy results. The JPO formulates the Status Report as its preliminary annual report, with an aim to swiftly convey information on the current situations surrounding the intellectual property system and the future directions thereof as well as the JPO’s efforts and other issues.

This report is provided in both Japanese and English in order to serve as a tool for conveying information to people both inside and outside Japan.

As global industries are seeing dramatic changes with the constant arrival of new technologies (e.g., AI, IoT and blockchain technology), the JPO has been pursuing the development of an intellectual property system including procedures that satisfy the demand of domestic and overseas users even in such a tumultuous era.

Aiming to raise awareness among a broader range of domestic and overseas users regarding Japan’s intellectual property system and its operation, the 2019 report explains: the existing services (e.g., Inclusive Examination of Related Applications for Achieving Business Strategies); new services (e.g., Fast Track Examination for trademark applications, a new system whose operation started in 2018); periods of examinations for patents, designs and trademarks; and other issues, by making use of infographics* in an easy-to-understanding format.

*Note: Infographics means utilizing graphic design to convey information to people in a visual manner that is easy to understand.

Figure 1: Existing and new services

Figure 2: Periods of examinations conducted at the JPO and other information.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office