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FY2019 Call for Applicants for the MITOU Target Program

Initiative for fostering and supporting human resources for quantum computing technologies

April 9, 2019

In FY2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) started an MITOU Target Program under the subject of “next-generation calculators,” aiming to foster human resources engaging in efforts in new technical fields.

Following on from the previous fiscal year, METI and the IPA will start the FY2019 call for applicants who propose new projects under the subject of “annealing machines” or “gate-type quantum computers” from April 5 (Fri.) to May 9 (Thur.), 2019.

1. Outline of the program

The IPA has been working on the MITOU program (official title: Exploratory IT Human Resources Project) for 19 years since FY2000, and has fostered about 1,700 talented people called MITOU human resources (i.e., graduates of the program). MITOU human resources have made contributions to many fields in society and over 250 of them have started their own businesses or commercialized their own inventions.

In recent years, research and development for new technologies have been dramatically advancing in the field of IT. To address this trend, METI and the IPA decided to establish a new program called “MITOU Target” and started it in FY2018. The program aims to foster human resources based on specific subjects in cutting-edge fields so that graduates of the program are able to take on new challenging technical fields.

Following on from the previous fiscal year, METI and the IPA will support human resources (individuals and teams) taking on development of applications or development of tools and middleware for “annealing machines” or “gate-type quantum computers,” respectively, under the subject of “development of software taking advantage of quantum computing technologies.” METI and the IPA will call for applicants offering projects in which successful human resources will utilize their own ideas and technical skills to the maximum extent possible and  contribute to future economic development through their achievements.

2. Period of the call

Starting date: April 5 (Fri.), 2019
Closing date: 23:59, May 9 (Thur.), 2019

3. Explanatory meeting for the call

METI and the IPA will hold an explanatory meeting, an outline of which is shown below. If you wish to file an application for the call, please attend the meeting. For details on how to apply for the meeting and other information, visit the website shown in Item 4 “Details of the call” below and find more information.

Date and time: 18:30, April 12 (Fri.), 2019
Venue: IPA Meeting Room B, 13th floor, Bunkyo Green Court Office (2-8-28 Honkomagome, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo)

4. Details of the call

For details of the call, including information on application guidance and application forms, visit the following IPA websites.

Reference: Outline of the MITOU Program

Division in Charge

IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau