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New Projects Adopted for Regional Business Conference for Encouraging Overseas Companies to Directly Invest in Regional Areas of Japan

April 16, 2019

Joint Press Release with JETRO

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will hold a series of Regional Business Conferences (RBC) projects in which municipalities and other entities will invite senior management and other representatives of overseas companies to Japan, explain the synergies between such companies and the regions, and hold business matching events between these companies and regional companies. METI hereby announces that METI and JETRO adopted new RBC projects involving such business matching event as follows.

1. Outline of the RBC

In a coming few years, Japan will host several large international events, such as the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and these are expected to attract international attention to the country. Taking this opportunity, METI will encourage municipalities to convey information on attractive business environments in their regions to the rest of the world by 2020.

As one of the efforts to this end, METI and JETRO will hold a series of RBC projects. In these projects, they, along with municipalities that are proactive in attracting overseas companies to their regions, will collaboratively invite overseas companies to Japan that are interested in investment in specific regions, and the heads of municipalities will explain their attractiveness to such companies as sales representatives, and a business matching event between overseas companies and regional companies will be held.

2. Adopted RBC projects (FY2019 projects)

METI and JETRO held a call for proposals for the FY2019 RBC projects from municipalities from March 4 to 22, 2019, and adopted five successful projects as below on April 16, 2019.

  1. Promotion of a Model for Regional Revitalization through an Initiative of “Adventure Tourism”
    Host municipality: Hokkaido Prefecture
    Subject: Attracting overseas companies in Asia, Europe and the United States to the Doto Area, the eastern Hokkaido area, to encourage them to invest in adventure tourism in the region
    Schedule: June and October
  2. Project for Encouraging Overseas Companies to Directly Invest in Japan in the Field of Disaster Prevention and Damage Reduction through Promoting Open Innovations
    Host municipality: Sendai City
    Subject: Attracting European ICT companies in the field of disaster prevention and damage reduction
    Schedule: November
  3. Taking on Business Challenges in “Yokohama City, an Innovation City”
    Host municipality: Yokohama City
    Subject: Attracting U.S. and European companies in the fields of health care and life science, e.g., medical and inspection equipment, to Yokohama City
    Schedule: October
  4. Connected and Created: A Global Scrum of AI, IoT and Manufacturing Industries in Greater Nagoya
    Host municipality: Greater Nagoya Initiative
    This is a broad-area collaborative body mainly consisting of Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture and Nagoya City.)
    Subject: Attracting European, U.S. and Asian IT or IoT companies that contribute to sophistication of the manufacturing industry
    Schedule: October
  5. Regional Business Conference (RBC) in Kyoto, an Effort to Encourage Overseas Companies to Directly Invest in the Field of Life Science in Kyoto
    Host municipality: Kyoto City
    Subject: Attracting U.S. companies in the field of life science, i.e., pharmaceutical, medical equipment and bio-venture businesses
    Schedule: July

Division in Charge

Investment Facilitation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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