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Report on Designing Global Content Market Management Simulation Game

April 26, 2019

In light of the expanding global content market, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) advanced examinations and study on demographic movements, the dissemination of the internet and devices, perspectives of such content market and consumers’ trends in ways of spending leisure time in major countries, and compiled the examination results into a report on designing an interactive simulation game (pilot version) as a reference for Japanese content-related companies in developing a strategic management plan or conducting a training program.

1. Outline of the study group

The Study Group on the Content Business Era examined demographic movements, per-capita GDP, dissemination rates of communication infrastructure and devices, forecasting of a variety of content markets and the lengths of consumer leisure time and trends in the ways they spend leisure time, which are expected in the coming five years, targeting major countries, with the aim of aiding the business decisions of Japanese content-related companies.

Based on these examinations, experts in the front line of information technologies and content business held deliberations on the future vision of the content market on the way to 2030 and key factors for business expansion that the top management of content-related companies should be aware of. In addition, they constructed a virtual content market setting the data acquired through the examinations as parameters and designed and tested out an interactive simulation game (pilot version) in which such companies can experience a content market as player. Through this game, the top management of such companies are expected to experience the future content market and enrich their understanding thereof.

2. Outline of the report

The report is a compilation of the results of designing and testing out a simulation game (pilot version) based on examination and analysis results as well as suggestions offered by the study group as an outcome of its deliberations.

3. Future actions

In cooperation with content-related associations, companies and other entities, METI will improve the pilot version through trial and error so as to complete a full-fledged version of the game and will hold discussions on introduction of the game into training programs targeting human resources to be involved in business management of content-related companies.

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