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Results of FY2018 University-Oriented Venture Business Survey and Database Redesigned

May 8, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released the results of the FY2018 Survey on University-Oriented Venture Businesses. Moreover, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as “NEDO”), it redesigned the Database on University-Oriented Venture Businesses, which was released in March 2018.

1. Purposes and key points

METI has been conducting a series of Surveys on University-Oriented Venture Businesses, aiming to hold discussions on effective support measures for university-oriented venture businesses (hereinafter referred to as “university-oriented VBs”) as strong, promising leaders of innovation.

Through these surveys, METI aims to ascertain the current situation of establishment of university-oriented VBs and to analyze factors that may contribute to business growth found through examination of business environments, demands and other elements.

2. Summary of the survey results

Changes in the number of university-oriented VBs

The number of university-oriented VBs increased by 185 businesses from the FY2017 survey.

Number of newly established university-oriented VBs per university

Following on from the FY2017 survey, the University of Tokyo remains the top university far ahead of others, while other universities, such as Kyoto University and the University of Tsukuba, have made significant growth. This shows the results of proactive efforts of respective universities for creating new VBs.

(Ranking of the previous fiscal year)
Name of university FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
1 (1) The University of Tokyo 227 268 271
2 (2) Kyoto University 103 154 164
3 (3) University of Tsukuba 80 104 111
4 (4) Osaka University 80 102 106
5 (8) Tohoku University 76 86 104
6 (5) Kyushu University 74 88 90
7 (6) Waseda University 63 79 82
8 (11) Keio University 57 69 81
9 (7) Nagoya University 49 81 76
10 (9) Tokyo Institute of Technology 65 69 66
11 (10) Digital Hollywood University 44 53 51
12 (12) Hokkaido University 48 51 50
13 (13) Hiroshima University 41 46 45
13 (13) Ryukoku University 36 43 43
15 (15) Kyushu Institute of Technology 44 44 42
16 (18) The University of Aizu 32 32 33
16 (16) Okayama University 29 32 30
18 (20) Ritsumeikan University 34 28 29
19 (19) Nagoya Institute of Technology 21 27 28
20 (16) Kobe University 27 32 28

Current situation of IPO and M&A by university-oriented VBs

The number of listed university-oriented VBs was 64, and the total market capitalization thereof was approximately 2.4 trillion yen. Out of the 386 VBs that have dissolved after the FY2016 survey, 16 were dissolved due to M&A.


Analysis of growth factors of university-oriented VBs

Looking at the growth factors in the first half of the business growth stage for university-oriented VBs, many VBs: “have received funds from angel investors,” “made alliances with large Japanese companies,” “made alliances with universities or public research institutes,” or “have technical advisors who are engineers or researchers of large companies.”

Looking at such factors in the second half of the stage, many VBs “have a CEO with a rich career of business management at a company,” and this was found to be a significant result.

3. Database on University-Oriented Venture Businesses

Concerning the Database on University-Oriented Venture Businesses, which was released in March 2018, METI will operate the database in collaboration with NEDO so as to further enhance services and convey effective information to the public.

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