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New Establishment and Revision of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (May 2019)

Establishment and revision of the JIS, including safety standards for robot services and addition of the era name "Reiwa" to the existing JIS for stipulating notational systems of dates and times

May 20, 2019

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) is a collection of national standards stipulating the criteria for products to be sold in Japan, including their types/scales, quality/performance and safety. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been revising and newly establishing such standards in response to societal and technological changes. METI publicly introduces the newly established and revised standards which are especially important for the economy and for the public once a month in a press release.

1. Outline of the new establishment and revision of standards

In May 2019, METI newly established 2 standards and revised 7 standards (see Appendix 1). In particular, METI believes that the following establishment of new standards and the revision of the existing standards are especially important.

(1) Establishment of new JIS as safety standards for robot services

As a solution to overcoming labor shortages caused by an advancing aging society with fewer children, commercialization of robot services using guide robots, nursing-care robots or assisting robots has been advancing in specific public spaces, such as airports and nursing-care facilities. In this situation, the safety of robots should be secured for achieving the coexistence of people and robots in such spaces.

Against this backdrop, METI compiled requirements that operators of robot services or robot service providers should observe in operating such robots in a safe manner and established the requirements as JIS Y 1001, which is the first JIS in the service industry established under the Revised Industrial Standardization Act (New JIS Act).*

METI expects that industries taking advantage of the JIS will be able to contribute to dissemination of robot services and that new markets of Japan-oriented robots will be cultivated and expanded overseas if Japan files a proposal for international standards for such services based on the JIS and such international standards are established.

For more information, visit here.

(2) Addition of the era name “Reiwa” to the existing JIS for stipulating notational systems of dates and times

METI revised the existing JIS for stipulating notational systems of dates and times and added the new era name “Reiwa” to the JIS.

This revision is expected to contribute to clarifying how to indicate dates and times, including the new era name, and improve user friendliness in changing information on dates and times (see Appendix 2).

2. Outline of the JIS

Stipulated under the Industrial Standardization Act, the JIS are a collection of national standards certified by the government of Japan, aiming at the improvement of mineral or industrial products in terms of quality, performance and safety, as well as at increasing and enhancing production efficiency and other areas.

The JIS stipulate a variety of product criteria, including types/scales, quality/performance, safety, testing methods for assessing these criteria, and other standard criteria that products should meet. These standards are utilized to ensure product reliability in quality for manufacturers, users and consumers so that such users are able to obtain quality, safety products.

METI has been establishing new standards or revising the existing ones for the JIS in response to technological advancements, safety requirements and other societal changes as necessary.

3. Past news releases

4. Partial revision of the Industrial Standardization Act

The Bill for the Act of Partial Revision of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, etc. (Act No. 33 of 2018) was approved at the 196th ordinary session of the Diet in 2018 and the Act was established. In line with this, the Industrial Standardization Act was partially revised to newly entitle data and services as targets of standardization under the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and to change the title of the Industrial Standardization Act from the “Kogyo Hyojyunka Ho” to the “Sangyo Hyojyunka Ho” in Japanese as well as the title of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) from the “Nihon Kogyo Kikaku” to the “Nihon Sangyo Kikaku” in Japanese.

5. Contact counter of the respective JIS

If you wish to make any inquiry for details on the respective JIS that have been publicized, directly contact the divisions in charge of METI shown in Appendix 1. Please note that the division in charge of Item 1-(1), above is the International Standardization Division and that in charge of Item 1-(2) is the International Electrotechnology Standardization Division.

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