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Roadmap for Carbon Recycling Technologies Formulated

June 7, 2019

A roadmap for technologies was formulated regarding Carbon Recycling the use of CO2 as fuel or raw materials. This roadmap clarifies challenges and goals for cost reduction for each type of energy and product for which CO2 may be used. Innovation in this field will be accelerated by sharing this roadmap for technological development widely among related parties in industry, academia and government.

1. Background and purpose

In order to ensure better energy access and cope with global climate change at the same time, it is necessary to address the issue of CO2 emitted from fossil fuels while seeking to leverage all possible technological options.

In particular, utilization of Carbon Recycling technologies for separating and collecting CO2 as resources and reusing it in the form of diverse carbon compounds is a promising future option. It is important to accelerate this and related innovation.

This roadmap was formulated mainly by academic experts and engineers in respective technology fields, with the cooperation of the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Ministry of the Environment, for the purpose of specifying goals, technological challenges, and timeframes (directions to be aimed at for each phase) regarding Carbon Recycling technologies and having them shared widely among government officials, private companies, investors, researchers and other related parties in and outside Japan, thereby accelerating innovation.

2. Key points

In order to accelerate innovation in Carbon Recycling technologies, this roadmap [i] clarifies the current technological status and challenges in cost reduction for each type of material for which CO2 may be used, and describes steps for technology advancement, and [ii] sets out goals for costs to be achieved by 2030 and 2050, aiming to reduce costs to the level equivalent to existing products.

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Division in Charge

Carbon Recycling Office, Natural Resources and Fuel Department, Natural Resources and Fuel Department, ANRE