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Acceptance of Applications Commences for Participation in the Overseas Job Fair Project

June 18, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) commenced the acceptance of applications filed by Japanese companies for participation in the FY2019 Overseas Job Fair Project on June 18, 2019, on its dedicated website.

1. Background

METI has encouraged Japanese companies to employ foreign nationals with advanced knowledge and skills from such perspectives as promoting Japanese companies’ overseas business expansion, development and provision of goods and services from new viewpoints, and creating new business models. Therefore, METI carries out the Overseas Job Fair Project with the aim of providing Japanese companies with opportunities to meet excellent foreign students.

2. Outline of the project

The Overseas Job Fair Project aims to provide Japanese companies with opportunities to recruit local university students and establish relationships with local universities, etc. This year, Overseas Job Fairs will be held in six cities in three countries (Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang in Vietnam, and Delhi in India).

  1. The following three types of opportunities are provided at the overseas job fairs:
    1. Company booths: Companies can provide explanations and answer questions from students, etc. at their respective booths.
    2. Company seminars: Participating companies can make presentations to a large number of students, etc. at one time.
    3. Interview corner: Companies can have interviews with individual students, etc.
      *No fees are charged for participation or basic set-up of a booth. (Travel fees, etc. should be borne personally. Refer to the details from the following URL.)
  2. At the job fairs, participants can also attend local networking events to establish and nurture relationships with local universities and professors and school staff.
  3. Prior guidance with respect to each venue city will be provided for companies whose participation was admitted to the respective cities. Detailed information that will be helpful not only for this project but also for each company’s original recruitment activities thereafter will be provided. Such information includes local culture and daily living, procedures up to employment, and advice on recruitment activities, etc.

Schedules and the number of companies for each venue are as follows:
October: Indonesia (Jakarta-20 companies; Bandung-20 companies)
November: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh-25 companies; Hanoi-20 companies; Da Nang-15 companies)
December: India (Delhi-20 companies)
(Adoption is decided by a point system prioritizing (i) leading medium-sized companies and SMEs, and (ii) companies intending to hire foreign nationals in Japan.)

2. Acceptance of applications

From June 18 (Tuesday) to August 9 (Friday), 2019, companies’ applications are accepted. File applications after checking the details, by accessing the dedicated website from the following URL.

(Secretariat: Pasona Group, Inc. and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO))

We are looking forward to your applications.

Division in Charge

Technical Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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