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Round Table Conference on Standardization Held

-Expectations for market rule making and companies through standardization-

June 26, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) held a round table conference between representatives of Japanese industrial players and other organizations and Mr. Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, aiming to encourage such industrial players to further enhance their efforts for rule making taking advantage of standards.
At the conference, participants focused on changes in business environments, such as rise of emerging countries and expansion of target fields, and based on this, they held proactive discussions on ideal approaches to public-private efforts for future activities involving standardization and other issues.

Background and purpose

In light of the forthcoming enforcement of the Revised JIS Act, i.e., Revised Industrial Standardization Act, on July 1, 2019, METI held a round table conference as an opportunity for exchanging opinions between METI and representatives of industrial players, incorporated administrative agencies and related associations, aiming to share information on policies and domestic and overseas trends involving activities for standardization and to raise momentum for vitalizing public-private strategic efforts. At present, some companies have successfully enhanced competitiveness or made profits directly from utilization of standards. Against this backdrop, bearing in mind the current situations surrounding standardization, e.g., fiercer global competitions for standardization, and the current situations in Japan, METI held discussions with representatives of industrial players and other organizations concerning future directions of and ideal approaches to activities for standardization, and other issues.

For the materials and summarized results of the conference and other information, visit here.

Division in Charge

Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau