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METI State Minister Isozaki Visits Turkmenistan

July 1, 2019

From June 27 (Thur.) to 29 (Sat.), 2019, Mr. Yoshihiko Isozaki, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, visited Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. He attended a ceremony for celebrating the completion of the world’s first plant for manufacturing gasoline from natural gas, which was constructed by Japanese companies, and delivered a celebration speech. Moreover, he held a meeting each with H.E. Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, President, and H.E. Mr. Rashid Meredov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers. At each meeting, the two sides exchanged views toward the future enhancement of Japan-Turkmenistan economic ties.

As Turkmenistan holds rich natural-gas resources, many Japanese companies have been developing chemical plants using materials derived from gas. Ass the government of Turkmenistan has been striving to improve income of the people and develop domestic markets, Japanese companies consider Turkmenistan as a promising target for business development. During this visit, State Minister Isozaki impressed upon Turkmenistan and its neighboring countries Japan’s quality technologies and rich experience and also its raised momentum to promote the enhancement of Japan-Turkmenistan economic ties through high-level opinion exchange.

1. Attending a ceremony for celebrating the completion of a Gas-to-Gasoline (GTG) plant

As a representative of the government of Japan, State Minister Isozaki attended a ceremony for celebrating the completion of a GTG plant constructed by the Japanese company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., in cooperation with Sojitz Corporation, and the Turkish company, Ronesans Holdings. The plant is the world’s first ecology-conscious plant for refining gasoline from natural gas as a raw material. As a project for supporting exports of quality infrastructures from Japan, Japan has been engaging in the project for constructing the plant by uniting public-private efforts ranging from the step of designing the project to the completion of the plant. The ceremony was held actively, bringing together President Berdimuhamedov and other dignitaries from Turkmenistan and the neighbor countries as well as a mission of representatives of the Japan-Turkmenistan Federation of Parliament Members and many participants of the government and related companies from Japan. As a substitute, State Minister Isozaki read a message from Prime Minister Abe for celebrating the completion of the plant and he expressed his expectations for fortification of Japan-Turkmenistan economic ties.

2. Meetings with governmental dignitaries, including a courtesy call on President Berdimuhamedov

State Minister Isozaki held meetings with President Berdimuhamedov and other governmental dignitaries of Turkmenistan. At each of these meetings, the two sides mentioned the progress in Japan-Turkmenistan relationships, the great development of which was triggered by the president’s three visits to Japan and Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the country in 2015. In light of this, the two sides agreed on further expansion of Japan-Turkmenistan economic ties by advancing cooperation in infrastructure projects in the country, developing business environments to further encourage Japanese companies to develop business in the country, and advancing other efforts.

Division in Charge

Office for Promotion of International Project, Infrastructure System and Water Industry, Manufacturing Industries Bureau