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Successful Projects Selected for Cool-Japan SMEs Project

New challenge for overseas business development by the collaborative teams of regional SMEs and producers

July 19, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been supporting SMEs and other companies that provide attractive commercial products and services unique to Japan. This has been achieved by advancing efforts for collaborating with other SMEs, branding of their regional products or services and winning overseas demand mainly by stimulating demand of overseas visitors to Japan, in which these SMEs are entitled to take advantage of expert producers.

METI hereby announces that it has selected 5 successful projects selected out of 22 applicants for the FY2019 project through screening by an external examination committee.

1. Outline of the project

The Project for Supporting SMEs in Producing Cool-Japan Products and Services, which received funding from the FY2019 budget, aims to contribute to vitalization of regional economies by utilizing experts from outside in lifestyles and demands of overseas consumers. In addition, the project also aims to complete its goals by promoting and branding collaboration projects between multiple SMEs.. The project encourages regional SMEs and other companies to cultivate overseas sales channels and enhance the added value of their products while taking advantage of the demand of overseas visitors to Japan. The project also hopes to increase public attention and collaboration among such SMEs. 

METI will support successful SMEs in holding PR and other events in places crowded with overseas tourists, such as international airports and major stations, so as to enhance effects of the successful projects to be supported. METI will also assist such SMEs in inviting the media, influencers, buyers and other people who make effective impacts on target countries or regions that will be selected according to the successful projects and holding familiarization trips, or “famtrips,” at the target sites of the successful projects.

2. Successful projects

METI selected 5 successful projects through screening by an external examination committee of experts, from the viewpoints of concreteness of the action plans, competitiveness in markets, effective utilization of producers, and other criteria.
Number of applicants: 22
Number of successful projects: 5 (for an outline of these projects, see the Appendix)

3. Future schedule

Around August 2019: Kickoff events by region for the successful project
Around November 2019: Debriefing on the interim report by region for the successful project
Around March 2020: Debriefing on the final report

For more details on the successful projects, visit the following official website operated by the secretariat:

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Division in Charge

Cool Japan Policy Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group