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METI Fukushima Revitalization Fair to be Held

- Tasty foods in Fukushima to be showcased and sold again in 2019 -

July 26, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been striving to conduct countermeasures against the effects of a negative reputation of Fukushima Prefecture. As one of the countermeasures, on August 5 (Mon.), 2019, METI will hold an event titled “METI Fukushima Revitalization Fair,” aiming to raise public awareness of tasty foods, specialties and attractive tourism in Fukushima Prefecture and convey the current state of revitalization in Fukushima to the public.

1. Overview of the Fukushima Revitalization Fair

Date and time: August 5 (Mon.), 2019; from 10:30 to 18:30
Venue: Lobby on the first floor, METI Annex Building (open-door style)

Details of the Fukushima Revitalization Fair:

- Exhibition and sale of specialties in Fukushima, such as peaches, processed marine foods, confectioneries, beverages, noted sake brands and other products
- Explanation of MEDETTE, a store in Nihombashi selling specialties in and conveying information on Fukushima; and distribution of brochures describing tourism in Fukushima

Note: This event will also bring together mascots called “Kibitan” and “Yaetan,” representing Fukushima Prefecture, and “Happy Fukushima Tai,” a group of performers, and “Miss Peach,” a group of women engaging in campaigns for selling peaches cultivated in Fukushima Prefecture, to bolster the event.

2. Media coverage

If you wish to cover the event, please contact the personnel in charge of the event: Mr. Toda or Mr. Nakano, Fukushima Reputation Management Office, below, by 15:00, August 2 (Fri.), 2019.

3. Explanation of exhibitors at the event and other information

The Fukushima Reconstruction Promotion Group of METI has opened a Facebook account to convey a variety of information on the revitalization efforts for Fukushima Prefecture. This account also provides information on: the side events of the Fukushima Revitalization Fair, products to be sold, details of interviews with businesses that will showcase their products, and other efforts. Please visit the account as well as the event.

Division in Charge

Fukushima Public Relations Strategy and Reputational Management Office, Fukushima Reconstruction Promotion Group