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Japanese Innovations on the World Stage

-METI to Showcase Technologies at the IFA, Exhibition of Consumer Electronics in Germany-

August 6, 2019

From September 6 to 11, 2019, the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), the world’s leading exhibition of consumer electronics, will be held in Berlin, Germany. Taking this opportunity, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will exhibit the Japan Pavilion at the IFA/NEXT exhibition, a special side event of the IFA, bringing together worldwide startups, cutting-edge IT companies and other businesses.
In 2019, the IFA, a historic exhibition held since 1924, launched a new system of partner country designation under the framework of the IFA/NEXT exhibition, a new effort in its storied history, and Japan has become the first partner country for the IFA/NEXT exhibition. Taking advantage of this exhibition, METI will support Japanese startups selected under the J-Startup Program called “J-Startups” and other Japanese companies in developing business overseas by providing them with opportunities for conveying their innovations from Japan at the first partner country IFA/NEXT exhibition to the rest of the world.

1. Purpose

On April 27, 2019, taking the opportunity of the IFA 2019 Global Press Conference (GPC) held in Andalusia, the Kingdom of Spain, METI made a statement that Japan will become the first partner country for the IFA/NEXT exhibition.

The IFA/NEXT exhibition is a special side event exclusively for innovations of the IFA, bringing together worldwide startups, R&D institutes, cutting-edge IT companies, and other businesses. The Japan Pavilion to be exhibited at the site of this exhibition will showcase products of 20 Japanese companies, including J-Startups.

Through showcasing such products at the Japan Pavilion, METI will strive to suggest ideal approaches to new user interfaces through which any and all users, including the elderly, are able to enjoy benefits brought about by digital technologies as they are facing the further advancement of the digital economy, and it will also encourage the companies participating in the exhibition to win overseas markets and cultivate new businesses by conveying Japanese innovations to the rest of the world.

2. Outline of the exhibition


The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA)


From September 6 (Fri.) to 11 (Wed.)2019; from 10:00 to 18:00 every day

Host city

Berlin, Germany


Messe Berlin (international trade fair grounds in Berlin) Exhibition site: IFA NEXT (Hall 26)

Concept for the exhibition

Interface with Consideration and Sensibility:
- Express ideal approaches to new human-machine interfaces based on Japan’s uniqueness as a novel way forward to a society where cyber space and physical space are integrated in a sophisticated manner

Participating companies and outlines of their displays (in the order of the Japanese syllabary)

  Company name Outline of displays
1 ispace, Inc.
Lunar rover for moonprobe missions, an effort led by a private company for the first time in history
2 Idein Inc.
Actcast, an edge computing platform service through which users are able to process real-world information by software
3 INDETAIL Co., Ltd. EV(electric vehicles) charging stations making use of blockchain and IoT technologies
4 Aeronext Inc. Flying Robots, industrial drones with a unique, built-in center of gravity control technology dramatically which improves drone’s stability and productivity
5 XPAND K.K. XPAND code, a new barcode for spatial links
6 Empath Inc.
Empath, artificial intelligence identifying emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of the language
7 QD Laser, Inc. RETISSA® Display, a wearable displaying device that has a miniature projector to draw images directly onto the retina
8 SkyDrive Inc. Scale models of the world’s smallest Flying car “SkyDrive” from Japan
9 Shiftall Inc. DrinkShift, a service that delivers a new beer experience to your home based on automatic judgment of the remaining beer bottles and the pace of beer consumption  taking advantage of an application and a special refrigerator exclusively for the service, and other products
10 Xenoma Inc. Motion capture system and athlete physical form analysis, making use of the next-generation smart apparel “e-skin”, a clothing-type wearable device
11 Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. Provision of centimeter-class HD map data in Japan and North America (HD maps for autonomous driving systems and advanced driving systems)
12 Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. A realistic space where visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture using 5G and VR technology
13 Triple W Japan Inc.
DFree, a wearable device notifying the timing for urination
14 NeU Corporation ExBrain XB-01, the world's SMALLEST & LIGHTEST  wearable brain activity measuring device that measures brain activity using NIRS technology
15 Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
Holographic Whisper, a directional speaker that delivers sound to a target persons by controlling ultrasonic waves, and other products
16 mui Lab Inc. Hashira no kioku (Height Marking in Wood), an art system consisting of a wooden column and a digital pen
17 Yukai Engineering Inc.
Qoobo, a therapy robot with wagging tail, and BOCCO emo, a communication robot
18 UniFa Inc. LookMee Nap Check, an application for monitoring and recording babies’ body directions automatically, and other applications
19 Unipos Inc.
Unipos, an application through which co-workers are able to offer small incentive called “peer bonus” to each other in an open manner
20 Langualess Co. INUPATHY (dog mood sensor), the world’s first wearable device for dogs to show their moods by five colors making use of HRV technology
Conceptual pictures of the Japan Pavilion

3. Related press release

Division in Charge

IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau