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Secondary Examination to be Held under the Japan Healthcare Business Contest (JHeC) 2020 Program

Call for support associations and collaboration events begins

October 8, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been conducting the Japan Healthcare Business Contest (JHeC) program to establish a foundation to encourage sustainable growth of healthcare business. This business contest aims to recognize outstanding companies and entities taking on solutions to social challenges in the field of healthcare so as to raise social awareness thereof and to encourage such outstanding companies to facilitate self-sustaining growth through business matching.

METI will hold the Japan Healthcare Business Contest 2020 on January 23 (Thur.), 2020. This is the fifth time the contest has been held.

As part of this event, METI will hold a secondary examination to determine entries to the contest, an occasion which will be open to the public for the first time. Through the examination before the public, the contest is expected to provide business matching opportunities for more and more companies.

As part of this program, METI will start a call for [i] support associations, which are companies or associations willing to support venture businesses as speakers at the JHeC 2020 in developing business or growth and [ii] collaboration events related to healthcare and other fields to encourage venture businesses and other companies to grow, such as contests, symposiums and other activities.

1. Outline of the contest

Title: Secondary examination under the Japan Healthcare Business Contest (JHeC) 2020

Date and time:

October 9 (Wed.), 2019; from 12:00 to 17:00
October 10 (Thur.), 2019; from 11:00 to 17:00

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

2. Examiners and speakers from companies


Mr. Ryosuke Kimura, Lifetime Ventures
Mr. Masashi Kiyomine, Kicker Ventures, LLC
Mr. Yoichi Jono, Infocom Corporation
Ms. Hanae Suzuki, INCJ, Ltd.
Dr. Masahiko Hara, mediVR, Inc.
Mr. Satoshi Fukushima, Globis Capital Partners
Mr. Sen Fujiwara, EY Japan Co., Ltd.
Ms. Reika Matsuda, INCJ, Ltd.
Ms. Miyako Yoshizawa, Coral Capital Inc.
(in the order of the Japanese syllabary)

Speakers in the Idea Contest Category (October 9)

Ms. Kaoru Yoshihara
Ryobi: You can keep your beauty even in your golden years.

Dr. Mioko Nagashima, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya; Kagoshoku Sports Corporation
Your brain determines your performance: Study on relationship between athletes’ conditions and changes in their taste/brain waves for the purpose of developing products to improve their performance taking advantage of taste stimulation

Mr. Kei Yunokawa
Sagasoruto: Application for searching foods and managing your diet that helps your salt management

Mr. Susumu Kusano (Anokoro Communications Corporation)
Services for discovering dementia at an early stage taking advantage of artworks

Mr. Yuki Ishihara (Hiroshima University)
Dokodemo Mindfulness VR: Technology taking advantage of virtual reality

Dr. Yusuke Misumi, (Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)
MAV: New device allowing cardiac-disease patients to be treated in a physically-friendly manner

Mr. Shoji Kuwabara (PHI Pilates Japan)
KeyMoti: Application targeting trainers in the field of nutrition to encourage their customers to manage their motivation

Mr. Takashi Muto (CaiTech inc.)
Kaisuke: Application for work sharing in the field of nursing care

Mr. Fumiya Shimizu (Hakara (dental clinic to be opened))
Hakara: A dental clinic on a premise of a station or in a commercial facility for not treating but preventing teeth-related diseases in which users are able to enjoy services at the cost of 1,000 per ten minutes or more without making reservations or bringing their insurance cards with them

Dr. Tatsuya Yamada (Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University)
Approaches to expanding Gram staining across the world and preventing bacteria epidemics with antimicrobial resistance

Dr. Kenya Kusunose (Faculty of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine, Tokushima University)
Development of application for identifying risks of cardiac infarction taking advantage of face recognition technology and AI

Mr. Makoto Ishibashi (Symphonics)
Analysis of medicinal effects and tailor-made medical treatments taking advantage of cell image recognition

Mr. Kazuhiro Tan (Contrea (voluntary association))
Prescribing digital medical information for the purpose of enhancing efficiency in medical examinations
(in the temporal order of speeches)

Speakers from companies in the Business Contest Category (October 9)

Ms. Kiyono Takaoki, MilCare Corporation
MilCare: Application for supporting mothers and babies for a period of 1,000 days after birth, the foundational period for babies’ life-long health, taking advantage of technology

Dr. Daichi Okabe, Japan Healthcare Corporation
Services for providing tailor-made insoles, a tool for solving wearers’ problems in feet and extending their healthy lifespans taking advantage of AI and 3D printers

Mr. Go Nagasaka, A10 Lab Inc.
Minchare: Peer support-type application for supporting Type 2 diabetes patients in continuing their medical treatments and encouraging them to develop the treatments into a habit

Ms. Sayuri Tanaka, Herbio Co., Ltd.
picot: Easy-to-use wearable device for measuring temperature of deep parts inside the body; and HERBIO: Application targeting women for health management

Mr. Shunsuke Takagi, Cross Sync
Development of a tool for managing patients taking advantage of AI that determines patients’ degree of severity in order to prevent unexpected abrupt changes in their conditions in the acute phase of medical treatments

Dr. Hisami Okumura, Field of Clinical Nutrition and Food Managements, Faculty of Nutrition and Bioscience and Faculty of Medicine, Tokushima University
Densiet: Approaches to providing tailor-made meals to you in a manner not focusing on calories but also on the density of calories

Dr. Masayo Matsumura, BiPSEE Corporation
Digital Therapeutics: Dgital medicines for treating stress and anxiety using VR for maintaining patients’ mental conditions by providing patients with environments to objectively ascertain their emotions

Mr. Masaki Sonoda, CI Inc.
Azukarukochan: Platform for nursing and fostering child patients

Dr. Takeshi Niwa, Medifellow Inc.
Doctor fellow: Service for providing overseas residents in Japan with healthcare support measures taking advantage of ICT

Mr. Shuichi Iwamoto, iDevice Corporation
Innovative medical masks for artificial respirators capable of preventing stress damage in situations where the air tightness of a mask is secured when wearers take a non-invasive, positive-pressure breath making use of a geometric, three-dimensional adhesion-function, by which the mask adheres to the skin of wearers via an accordion structure, to which a traditional Japanese technique is applied

Mr. Takahide Matsuo, Halmek Ventures, Inc.
Services for providing an opportunity for users to check their health conditions to find risks of dementia at an early stage and measures therefor, the cost of which such users have no burden to pay, taking advantage of the service for assessing cognition functions using deep learning technology that utilizes data on blood examinations obtained in general health checkups

Dr. Naoki Kasahara, ReHearttek Corporation
Manufacturing and selling of Tanrenkun: medical equipment originating in Wakayama developed for preventing senior patients from accidental mis-swallowing and for saving their lives

Mr. Yuji Aoki, Jolly Good Inc.
emou: Program for providing people with developmental difficulty to train social skills to achieve ability for participating in society, taking advantage of 360-degree, live-action VR, a technology that permits less experienced trainers to provide high-level training programs

Mr. Yuya Tachii, Star Invention, Inc.
Shakiru: Equipment for encouraging users to make their back straight and a program therefor, an approach to preventing straight neck syndrome, a modern disease

Dr. Kunihiro Musashi, Medical Platform Co. Ltd.
HOOKY: Device for supporting patients in taking medicines

Mr. Ryotaro Ako, Atopiyo
Atopiyo: Japan’s first application for making atopic disease visible

Mr. Dan Takeno, AT Co., Ltd.
Project for developing health indices using a capillary scope

Mr. Akinori Oyama, HA-PPY Co., Ltd.
Dental Status: AI-based image processing to find presymptomatic disease states of people from the oral cavity
(in the temporal order of speeches)

3. Call for support associations and collaboration events

As part of this program, METI will start a call for [i] support associations which are companies or associations willing to support venture businesses as speakers at the JHeC 2020 in developing business or growth and [ii] collaboration events related to healthcare and other fields to encourage venture businesses and other companies to grow, such as contests, symposiums and other activities.

How to apply:

Visit the application websiteLink, download the predetermined entry sheet as well as confirming the guidelines for application, and send an email with the completed entry sheet attached to the address below before the closing date.

Application counter:

Email: 200010-jhec@ml.jri.co.jpメールリンク

Closing date:

12:00 p.m., December 13 (Fri.), 2019

Division in Charge

Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group