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Winners of FY2019 Awards Program Promoting Informatization

Release of the winners of the METI Minister's Awards

October 11, 2019

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been holding an awards program titled “Awards Program for Individual and Other Contributors to Promotion of Informatization” to recognize individuals, companies and other entities, such as organizations, associations and educational institutes, that have contributed to the promotion of informatization for the economy and society. As for the FY2019 program, METI selected four winners for the METI Minister Awards.

1. Outline of the awards program

METI will recognize individuals, companies and other entities that have played leading roles or achieved outstanding goals in the fields of: research and development of advanced information processing technologies, development of human resources with advanced IT skills, introduction of IT into companies left behind in IT utilization, securing of safety in information processing, and other efforts for informatization.

This awards program has been held continuously since 1972. This fiscal year will be the 48th such occasion.

In the FY2019 program, in addition to the existing awards categories, METI has inaugurated a new awards category of important policies involving IT policies and will select and recognize outstanding individuals and companies in the new category out of the applicants for the category in response to the call. In the FY2019, the inaugural year for the new category, METI designated the following two themes for the category of important policies, taking into consideration: pressing challenges that Japanese companies are facing in achieving digital transformation (DX) amid the trend of the fourth industrial revolution; increasing public attention to IT technologies as means for overcoming regional challenges, needs for developing human resources with advanced IT skills in regional areas, and other elements.

(1) Companies’ efforts for advancing DX
(2) Encouraging regional areas to utilize IT technologies

2. Four winners of the METI Minister’s Awards under the FY2019 program

Note: For the reasons for selecting the winners, see the Appendix.

3. Commendation ceremony

Note: This ceremony will jointly be held with the commendation ceremony for the U-22 Programing Contest 2019.


Division in Charge

IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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