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IP Community Portal Website for Startups “IP BASE” Starts Additional Provision of New Contents

New functions for retrieving IP experts and more

October 15, 2019

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) renewed the service of the intellectual property (IP) community portal website for startups, titled “IP BASE,” a framework for supporting startups in establishing their IP strategies, by additionally providing new functions for retrieving IP experts and sending inquiries to such experts. Registered members of the website are eligible to directly exchange with patent attorneys and other experts who are proactive in supporting startups.

1. Outline of the IP BASE

The IP BASE is a portal website to provide startups with: a guide to consult as the first step to starting a business, and an opportunity for communicating with IP experts. This website provides a collection of basic knowledge of IP strategies, information on support measures, events and other latest information for early-stage businesses. It also offers well-developed content, aiming to establish a base of IP communities for startups where a variety of actors within the startup ecosystem participate, including venture capitals, accelerators, patent attorneys, and lawyers.

2. Newly provided contents

The JPO started providing the following additional content on the IP BASE.

3. How to register membership with the IP BASE

The IP BASE provides two categories of membership: general members and IP expert members. If a member completes registration as an IP expert, the profile of the member is reflected in the database for retrieving IP experts and he/she may directly receive inquiries from startups and may access the latest information on demands of startups through Q&A communications with general members.

4. Expected outcomes of the renewed services on the IP BASE website

The IP BASE will bring about the following outcomes through providing new content only available to members.

Using these renewed services on the website, startups are expected to fortify their IP strategies in an appropriate manner and to further accelerate their businesses.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office