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Seminar Encouraging Regional Businesses to Go Global to be Held

October 30, 2019

On December 9, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold a seminar bringing together representatives of mid-ranking Japanese companies developing successful business overseas and those of overseas companies having made significant achievements in global business activities. The seminar will discuss the roles of mid-ranking companies and business opportunities for expanding business overseas. It will also provide participants with opportunities to learn domestic and overseas trends and new trends as well as approaches to refining future overseas business development strategies, while using case examples of successful and failed businesses as references. In addition, it will explain measures for supporting mid-ranking companies in succeeding in M&A with regional SMEs by taking advantage of externally raised capital, e.g., funds. METI is looking forward to seeing many business operators of mid-ranking companies and SMEs participating in the seminar.

1. Outline of the event

13:30-13:35 1. Opening remarks (METI)
13:35-14:10 2. Presentations by representatives of global networking companies and experts
  • The Blackstone Group Japan K.K. (10 minutes)
    Mr. Sakamoto Atsuhiko, Senior Managing Director, Head of Private Equity, Japan
  • News Stories Corporation (10 minutes)
    Mr. Ota Naoki, President and Producer of Business Co-Creation
  • School of International Corporate Strategy, Business School, Hitotsubashi University (10 minutes)
    Mr. Nawa Takashi, Visiting Professor and expert for strategies for international companies
Questions and answers: 5 minutes
14:10-14:45 3. Presentations by representatives of mid-ranking companies and a regional financial institute
  • Ryugetsu Corporation (10 minutes)
    Mr. Tamura Noboru, President
  • Kamori Kanko, Co., Ltd. (10 minutes)
    Mr. Kamori Kimihito, Chairman 
  • North Pacific Bank, Ltd. (10 minutes)
    Mr. Yasuda Mitsuharu, President
Questions and answers: 5 minutes
15:00-16:10 4. Workshop
Participants will be divided into small-number groups and exchange views with the speakers who have made presentations.
16:20-17:00 5. Networking event (standing-room party; coffee, tea and other beverages will be served.)

For the application form, visit here.

Information on how to apply and contact counter:

General Affairs Division, General Affairs Planning Department, Hokkaido Bureaus of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI
(personnel in charge: M. Sasaki and M. Ichinomiya)
Telephone: 011-709-2311 (extension: 2505); 011-709-1773 (direct line)
Facsimile: 011-709-1778
Email: hokkaido-somu@meti.go.jpメールリンク

Closing date: 17:00, November 29 (Fri.), 2019

Division in Charge

Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Division, Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Group