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FY2019 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign to be Held Upholding the Slogan “Always do research and use your Good Judgment !!”

November 25, 2019

[Replaced materials on September 16, 2021].
In the summary at the beginning of the document and in 3., the percentage of young people who purchase counterfeit products was incorrectly expressed as a population number, which has been corrected.

45.5% of people in their early 20s who have purchased counterfeit products online have done so unwittingly. As an effort to raise public awareness of how to avoid buying counterfeit products, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) will start the FY2019 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign upholding the slogan “Always do research and use your Good Judgment!!” on December 2 (Mon.), 2019. In this campaign, the JPO plans to raise awareness of this issue by using an innovative advertising campaign in which people can “peel off” sections of campaign posters and keep them as a reminder.

1. Background

Recently, a growing number of people have been unwittingly trading counterfeit products on the internet. This highlights the fact that anyone may not only become purchasers of counterfeit products, but also sellers thereof. In particular, young people in their early 20s tend to become victims of counterfeit products as they are highly-frequent users of flea market applications or social networking services (SNSs).

To address this situation, the JPO will start this campaign, targeting young people in particular, to explain specific actions to avoid buying and selling counterfeit products.

2. Period of the campaign

From December 2 (Mon.) to January 31 (Fri.), 2019

3. Outline of the campaign slogan

According to the results of a questionnaire survey targeting people in their early 20s, 45.5% or about a half of people who have purchased counterfeit products via online shopping malls or flea market applications answered that they have purchased counterfeit products without awareness that such products are counterfeit. To raise public awareness of approaches to avoiding buying such products, the JPO decided to adopt the slogan “Always do research and use your Good Judgment!!.”

4. Details of the campaign

(1) Dedicated website for the campaign

The JPO will open a dedicated website for the campaign. On this website, it will distribute a 90-second video clip and explain how to spot suspicious websites and specific actions to avoid buying counterfeit products.
Moreover, it will post special articles in which Mr./Ms. Nice Judge will provide lectures on tips for enjoying online shopping in a safe and secure manner, which will be updated three times.

The website外部リンク will open on December 2 (Mon.), 2019.

(2) Distribution of a video clip for the campaign (this distribution will start on December 2 (Mon.), 2019.)

Upholding the campaign slogan “Always do research and use your Good Judgment!!,” the JPO will start distribution of a 15-second video clip for the campaign through a variety of SNSs and other means. In this video clip, a woman in her early 20s will be shown how to successfully avoid buying a counterfeit product. Viewers will then be guided to a special website.

(3) Campaign advertisement method


Aiming to broadly raise public awareness of the campaign, the JPO will deploy a “peel-off advertisement” poster campaign at five stations across Japan and will distribute charms called “Niseyoke Omamori,” wishing that users avoid buying counterfeit products, with a touch stylus pen for smartphones included in each charm.

*Note: This is a type of advertisement in which people are able to freely peel pieces of paper attached to posters and bring them home.

Target stations of the advertisement (for locations of the posters, see the Appendix)

From December 2 (Mon.) to 8 (Sun.), 2019
Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station, JR Sapporo Station, JR Nagoya Station and JR Osaka Station

From December 4 (Wed.) to 10 (Tue.), 2019
Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station

5. Supporters

Intellectual Property Policy Headquarters; National Police Agency; Consumer Affairs Agency; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Japan Customs of the Ministry of Finance; Agency for Cultural Affairs; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Japan Tourism Agency; and International Intellectual Property Protection Forum (IIPPF)

Division in Charge

International Cooperation Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, JPO