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Special Exhibition in Conjunction with Nobel Week

December 9, 2019

From December 9, on the first floor of its office building, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) will hold a special exhibition, "Society Led by the Invention of the Lithium-Ion Battery (in Commemoration of Dr. Yoshino's Winning of Nobel Prize )," featuring Dr. Yoshino Akira, Honorary Fellow of Asahi Kasei Corp., who won the Nobel Prize this year, and his invention, the lithium-ion battery. Please feel free to stop by!

1. Background

In recent years, Nobel Prizes have come to be awarded for not only basic research but also research toward practical applications and commercialization. Dr. Yoshino Akira, who won the Nobel Prize this year, has mentioned in his speech that the patent was one of the triggers for his winning of the prize.

In conjunction with Nobel Week, the JPO will hold the exhibition to show what the diffusion of lithium-ion batteries has brought about in people's lives and the relation between Dr. Yoshino's winning of the Nobel Prize and the patent, as well as how the patent has contributed to the development of industry thereafter.

2. Outline of the Exhibition

Period: December 9 (Mon.) to December 13 (Fri), 2019 (exhibition of products, etc.)
 December 9 (Mon.), 2019, to January 31 (Fri.), 2020 (exhibition of panels)

Venue: Beside the Statue of Takahashi Korekiyo on the 1st floor of the JPO building
 (3-4-3, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

* You will need to go through entry procedures into the JPO building at the reception. See the JPO website for details.

3. Content of the Exhibition

(1) Exhibition of panels

*NOTE: “NOBEL PRIZE” is a trademarks of Nobelstiftelsen

(2) Exhibition of products (models)

In front of the panels, a lithium-ion battery model and products using lithium-ion batteries (Hayabusa-2, two-wheeled electric vehicle, drone, two-wheeled self-balancing device, camera, portable game system, and tablet) are exhibited.

Division in Charge

Public Relations Office, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office