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PR Ambassadors for Japan’s Pavilion at Expo 2020, Dubai

December 12, 2019

On December 12, 2019, exactly one year to the day that will be “Japan Day” at Expo 2020 Dubai, Mr. Kajiyama Hiroshi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, designated 14 people from seven different groups as PR Ambassadors for the Japan Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Minister Kajiyama directly handed letters of designation to the following 14 people from seven groups as PR Ambassadors for the Japan Pavilion of the exposition.

Explanations of the designated PR Ambassadors for the Japan Pavilion of the exposition

Mr. Kamon Tatsuo, Singer/songwriter

Born on March 25, 1959 in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture. Kamon was deeply influenced by his experiences visiting Expo 1970 in Osaka when he was a schoolboy, and he has continued collecting badges from expos held since. His affection toward expos is a common thread running through
all his diverse activities as an artist, which span from CDs to radio, television, live performances, and writing. He has served as an official supporter of expos in Shanghai, Milan, and Astana. He plans to fulfil his duties as Japan Pavilion PR Ambassador in Dubai with an eye to the
upcoming Osaka Kansai, Japan expo in 2025. His performances of songs in many different languages have typically been well received wherever they are performed!

Comments from Mr. Kamon Tatsuo:

The 1970 Osaka Expo was held close to my home when I was a sixth-grade elementary school student. I visited it 21 times over the six months it was open. It was all the rage back then to meet people from around the world and collect badges from the pavilions. I collected 64 badges the third most in my school! The atmosphere of camaraderie at the expos really struck a chord with me, and I’ve since served as head of the supporters’ group of the Japan Industry Pavilion at Shanghai and as a Japan Pavilion supporter in both Milan and Astana. Dubai will play an important role in paving the way for Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, Japan. I’ll do my best to make the Japan Pavilion a success that will hand over to Osaka. 

Kanjani Eight, Pop group;

A group that represents Johnny & Associates, Inc. All members are from Kansai and are known for their bright personalities and sense of humor, as well as their musical talent.. The total attendance of their concerts to date exceeds 10
million, and they are now holding their second 47- prefecture tour, the first such tour in 12 years. They
will also be participating in the "70th NHK Kohaku Song Battle,” making it their eighth consecutive performance in the show. The group also contributes to the development of Osaka tourism by acting as a mascot.

Comments from Kanjani Eight:

The 2020 Dubai International Exposition is packed with many dreams and ideals for the future. In the honorable role of Japan Pavilion PR Ambassadors, we will do our best to accomplish what onlyKanjani Eight is capable of, under the theme “Dubai to Osaka, Kansai.”

Ms. Yamazaki Naoko, Astronaut

In 2010, Yamazaki was onboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on the crew of STS-131, an assembly and resupply mission to the International Space Station. Currently, Yamazaki is serving as a member of the Japan Space Policy Committee, Representative Director of Space Port Japan Association, Director of Astro Tourism, and a chairperson of “Sorajo (women in aerospace)” at the Japanese Rocket Society, among other roles.

Comments from Ms. Yamazaki Naoko:

I am very honored to be appointed as an ambassador of the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” There is actually a big connection between Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the space industry. In 2018, the UAE's first domestically developed satellite, “KhalifaSat,” was launched from Tanegashima from a Japanese rocket. Also, in 2020, the UAE’s first Mars orbiter, “al-Amal (hope),” will be launched from Tanegashima, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the UAE. I myself have visited the UAE three times so far, and have tried to promote exchange of technology and human resources. As an ambassador, I would therefore like to further connect this friendship into the future.

Ms. Wakatsuki Yumi, actress

Born June 27th, 1994
Chosen as one of the first members of Nogizaka 46 in August 2011. After her success as one of the central members, she decided to pursue her solo career from November 2018. Since then, she has been featured in various popular works, such as the TV drama series "Kyoukara Ore Wa!!" and "Atama ni Kitemo Tatakauna!" (both Nippon Television) and the movies "Signal 100" and "Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku).”

Comments from Ms. Wakatsuki Yumi:

I am very honored to serve in this important role in the coming event. I visited Dubai in the winter and spring of 2019 for work and was instantly charmed after seeing Dubai's grand scenery and buildings and its gorgeous and clean streets. I also had the chance to visit the construction site of Expo 2020 Dubai, and was totally overwhelmed by its grand scale. It is really exciting to imagine the number of people who will visit as well as the new interactions and discoveries the event may create. I am really looking forward to the completion of the building where the charms of Japan and Dubai will blend into a space of unimaginable fascination. As a Japanese person, I hope to convey the beauty and the charm of our country to the world through this role.

UAE Students in Tokai University Takanawadai High School

Members of the first and second classes of students educated at the Japanese Kindergarten and School, Abu Dhabi, UAE, as part of an educational initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

(From the left)
Mr. Abdullah Almansoori;
Mr. Abdullah Alhosani;
Mr. Rashed Alebri; and
Mr. Abdullah Alshkeili

Comments from Mr. Abdullah Almansoori:

I have always hoped to give something back to the UAE in return for my days spent at the Japanese School, as well as share my experiences attending a Japanese high school and living in a dormitory, from which I have learned so much about Japan. As anmbassador, I will work hard to bring our two countries even closer together.

Comments from Mr. Abdullah Alhosani:

I see Expo 2020 Dubai as a very important event for the development of the UAE. Like the esteemed
ambassador Alameri, I aim to put all of my experience and learning to use in order to help progress the UAE.

Comments from Mr. Rashed Alebri:

In Japan, the UAE is typically thought of as an oil-producing country. It is my hope that both nations will come to know more about each other’s wonderful humanity and culture. I am eager to help foster a stronger mutual relationship founded on greater cultural understanding.

Comments from Mr. Abdullah Alshkeli:

I have great interest in Japan’s construction and civil engineering technologies, especially its superb techniques for mitigating natural disasters such as earthquakes. Through the opportunity provided by Expo 2020 Dubai, I hope to play a part in introducing the architectural technology of Japan to the people of the UAE.

Comments from His Excellency Mr. Khaled Omran Sqait Sarhan Alameri, Ambassador of the U.A.E. in Japan

I feel so much appreciation for Japan’s enthusiastic participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, reflecting half a century of friendship between the UAE and Japan. It is truly significant that Japan Pavilion ambassadors have been selected from a program which has given such a boost to strengthening this relationship further. These four students from the UAE are a symbol of UAE identity, while at the same time possessing a unique capacity to understand and connect with Japanese culture. They are young people with the precious ability to deepen the bond between our nations. I look forward to Expo 2020 Dubai as an event that will bring even greater value to this important international relationship.

Gundam, Anime character from “Mobile Suit Gundam”

Mobile Suit Gundam, created in 1979, is an animation series that continues to evolve. In a wide range of media such as TV series, videos, films, games, and toys, the Gundam series continues to inspire dreams and affection throughout the world.

Comments from Gundam:

This year, “Mobile Suit Gundam” had its 40th anniversary. in 2020, Gundam will fulfil the role of ambassador for the Japanese pavilion at the Dubai International Exhibition. We feel a strong sense of responsibility and are filled with anticipation toward the new challenge. “Mobile Suit Gundam” has been supported by many people since its first broadcast for its detailed depiction of mankind’s future based on scientific research and its dramatic story in which the characters act according to their own beliefs and philosophies beyond the simple good vs. evil dichotomy. Nowadays, the franchise is very popular not only in Japan but throughout the world, and its fans span a wide range of demographics. With Gundam as ambassador for the Japanese pavilion, we’re determined to make our best effort to connect people from all over the world to our country.


Pokemon are mysterious creatures from the Pokemon video game series, which started in 1996 and still continues today. Some Pokemon live in the wild, such as in the grass, caves or seas, while others live alongside humans. Their ecology is not very well understood yet.

Comments from a representative of Pokemon

As more than 800 Pokemon have been found, the world of Pokemon is full of rich diversity. All Pokemon including Pikachu will support the Expo 2020 Dubai Japan Pavilion in a united effort.


Reference 1: Overview of the Expo 2020 Dubai

The Expo 2020 Dubai, an international exposition, is the first registered exhibition to be held in the Middle East and African regions. The exposition will be held before the upcoming 50th anniversary of the national foundation of the country.

Title: Expo 2020 Dubai
Period: From October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021 (for 173 days)
Venue: Dubai, U.A.E.
Theme: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future
Sub-themes: (1) Mobility, (2) Opportunity and (3) Sustainability
Area: 438ha
Number of countries that have declared participation: 192
Expected number of visitors: Approximately 25 million (estimates)

Reference 2: Outline of the Japan Pavilion

Upholding the theme of the Japan Pavilion of the “Crosspoint for the Future. Join. Sync. Act” (tentative), Japan will showcase displays at the pavilion.

For more information, visit the official website for the Japan Pavilion as below.

Division in Charge

International Exhibitions Promotion Office, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group

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