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Second Japan-Indonesia Dialogue on Automobiles Held

December 23, 2019

On December 13, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia, held the Second Japan-Indonesia Dialogue on Automobiles in Denpasar, Indonesia. They explained their own policies for automobiles and confirmed the need for practical policies for dissemination of electrified vehicles (EVs). Moreover, they exchanged views on fostering the battery industry, standards for the quality of biofuels and other issues and confirmed the future directions in which the two countries will advance cooperation in the field of EVs.

The dialogue brought together Mr. Ueda Yoji, Deputy Director-General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI, as a representative of Japan, and Mr. Harjanto, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment & Electronic Industries, Ministry of Industry, as a representative of Indonesia. The dialogue also brought together a wide variety of participants from the public and private sectors in Japan and Indonesia to exchange views, aiming to enhance mutual understanding of the respective policies for electrifying vehicles and enrich understanding of approaches to achieving electrified vehicles by sharing Japan’s experience and knowledge in the field of EVs.

The government of Japan explained the importance of its concept called “Well to Wheel”* and also described its efforts involving: new fuel efficiency standards, measures for disseminating EVs, trends in policies for the hydrogen strategy and other initiatives and reuse of in-car batteries. In addition, representatives of Japanese private organizations and other participants explained: international trends in the in-car battery industry, individual efforts by private companies for reuse of batteries, and the need for distributing biofuels that satisfy quality specifications and standards that industries are required to meet in disseminating such fuels in relation to the exhaust gas regulations.

The government of Indonesia explained a presidential order and the revision of the tax system as efforts for disseminating EVs, while representatives of Indonesian private companies described the progress in preparations in the country for making use of biofuels. Moreover, concerning Japan-Indonesia cooperation projects, the two sides exchanged views on fields that they should tackle and the details thereof and they decided to hold discussions to further specify such details. They agreed to continue dialogues.

*Note: The term “Well-to-Wheel” refers to an approach to assessing the energy consumption of vehicles covering not only consumption of gasoline and other energy sources in a vehicle fuel tank but also manufacturing processes before supplying gasoline and other energy sources to vehicles.

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