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Call for Applicants for the Mission Innovation Champions Program

February 5, 2020

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is a cooperating member in Mission Innovation (MI), an initiative established at COP21 aiming to encourage the public and private sectors to invest in research and development in the field of clean energy. Continuing on from FY2018, a call has now been raised for applicants for the Mission Innovation Champions (MIC) Program, an awards program under the initiative. METI hopes that many of you will apply for the program. It is a good opportunity to call global attention to your innovative ideas for reinvigorating and accelerating the clean energy revolution.

1. Outline of the program

New innovations that can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are vital for tackling climate change. For this purpose, MI was established at COP21 in 2015, aiming to encourage the public and private sectors to invest in research and development to reinvigorate the field of clean energy and accelerate innovation.*

At the G7 Ise-Shima Summit in 2016, the leaders of Japan and the other member countries pledged to support MI, an initiative that is playing a key role in achieving a balance between economic growth and reducing CO2 emissions. Since then, Japan is a member of the initiative. Specifically, these member countries will encourage the public and private sectors to invest in the development of innovative technologies that are expected to deliver dramatic reductions of CO2 emissions and they are upholding a plan to double governmental expenditure in research and development of innovative technologies in the field of clean energy over five years.**

Following on from FY2018, MI continues to advance the MIC, an awards program, in order to further accelerate innovation. The program aims to honor researchers, entrepreneurs, government workers, academics or other individuals who have contributed to the field of clean energy and who have innovative ideas that will reinvigorate and/or accelerate the clean energy revolution.

2. How to apply and other information


Examples of eligible applicants:
Individuals with innovative ideas, expertise in and a track record of contributing to innovation in the field of clean energy.

Note: Applicants are not limited to members of public research institutes, universities and other organizations. Workers at private companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals are also eligible to apply for the program.

Examination criteria

Applicants will be selected based on a 5-point-scale scoring in accordance with the following four evaluation criteria.

  1. Audacious
    This scores the clarity of the application in terms of the strategies proposed and its potential to reinvigorate and/or accelerate the field of clean energy.

  2. Impact 
    This criterion scores the potential effectiveness in reinvigorating the field, and the quantitative analysis of the proposals.

  3. Vision 
    This criterion scores the quality of applicants’ work in terms of feasible contribution to reinvigoration of the field.

  4. Inventive  
    This criterion scores the specifics of the goals for reinvigoration or acceleration of innovation in the field and the scalability of the results.

To participate in the contest

(1) Complete registration procedures

Visit the website外部リンク , click the button “REGISTER NOW” appearing at the end of the page, create an account and complete the registration procedures in English.

Please note that the closing date for registration is March 18 (Wed.), 2020, at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

(2) File application

Once you have registered for the contest, prepare an application in English after referring to the detailed explanations shown on the website.外部リンク

Please note that the closing date for filing your application is April 1 (Wed.), 2020, at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

(3) Determining a winner

The program will determine one Mission Innovation Champion per participating country. The winner is requested to participate in the Fifth MI Ministerial (MI5) meeting to be held from June 2 to 4, 2020, in Chile, and he/she will have interactions with participating ministers of member countries, business leaders, researchers and other experts from around the world who are committed to the field of clean energy. METI will cover the expenses, including travel fees to and from the destination, for the winner (one person) from Japan.

3. Contact counter

For the details of the program and inquiries, visit the website below or send an email to the address below. Please note that these inquiries should be written in English.
Mission Innovation Champions外部リンク
Email address:questions@michampions.netメールリンク

4. References

*(1) For details of MI, visit the website below.
Mission Innovation site外部リンク

**(2) Regarding the development of technologies making use of clean energy, e.g., photovoltaic, geothermal and hydrogen energy, this program focuses on innovative technologies expected to deliver dramatic, long-term reduction of CO2 emissions and it upholds a plan to double public expenditures incurred by the governments of member countries for research and development of innovative technologies. Japan aims to allocate 90.0 billion yen as the expenditures for research and development by around 2021, setting 45.0 billion yen, which was the expenditures for the same purpose in 2016, as a reference value. For details, visit the website.外部リンク

Division in Charge

Energy and Environment Innovation Strategy Office, Research and Development Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau