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Call for Applicants for the IP Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS2020) to Open

April 30, 2020

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) will open a call for applicant startups for a 2020 initiative under the IP Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS), or “IPAS2020,” a program for supporting startups in developing their intellectual property (IP) strategies.

1. Outline of the IPAS

This program will aim to support research and development (R&D)-based startups in developing their IP strategies to assist them in accelerating their growth.

For Startups, their IP itself, (e.g., innovative technologies and ideas), is a source of their competitiveness. Nevertheless, many startups in the earliest stage of formation are likely to prioritize smooth business operation, causing them to advance their business operations without developing an IP strategy under which to make use of IP, which would in fact lead to greater growth. As a result, their technologies and ideas are likely to leak, allowing for the distribution of counterfeit products, thereby losing out on profits that should be the result of appropriate IP protection and implementation strategies. This is a major cause of a loss of competitiveness for many enterprises.

Under this program, the JPO create “IP Mentoring Teams” consisting of business experts and IP experts with specific knowledge and skills that each participating startup needs. Through a five-month mentoring program, each respective participating startup and IP Mentoring Team will create and iterate a business strategy and develop an IP strategy linked to that strategy. Through this approach, the JPO will strongly encourage participating startups to strategically make use of their IP and to accelerate their growth without losing competitiveness.

2. Call for participating startups

On April 30 (Thur.), 2020, the JPO will open a call for applicant R&D-based startups to participate in the program.

Period of the call: From April 30 (Thur.) to June 7 (Sun.), 2020

Number of startups to be adopted: 15

Number of months for which the support measure will be provided: 5

3. Details of the program


For more information on the program, visit the IP BASE website. The application instructions and application form are also available on the website.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office