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JPO Publishes Collection of Case Examples of Leading SMEs Taking Advantage of IP in Managing their Business, Titled “Rights”

April 30, 2020

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) published a brochure, titled “Rights,” a collection of case examples of 20 leading SMEs taking advantage of intellectual property (IP) in business management. This collection aims to encourage SMEs to take similar IP strategy-related action after referring to the case examples of other leading companies.

1. Overview of the brochure “Rights


This brochure is a collection of the case examples of 20 leading SMEs engaging in IP activities to advance their business.

Many companies are aware of “exclusive rights” as the main benefit of IP. However, few of them may know of the other positive impacts that IP strategy and policy can have on businesses, e.g., enhancing internal development skills and fortifying sales capability. The JPO focused on these “advantages of making use of IP,” analyzed certain case examples that highlighted specific advantages and compiled the results into a collection of case examples for SMEs as a reference presenting information in an easy-to-understand manner. This publication of the collection for this purpose is the first such initiative by the JPO.

The JPO hopes that many SMEs across Japan will make use of the brochure as a reference in difficult decision-making processes on approaches to IP, or in tackling new challenges. It is also hoped that the brochure will help SMEs further develop businesses.

2. Downloading and distribution of the brochure

On April 30, 2020, the JPO launched the webpage on its website for downloading the brochure.

The paper version of the brochure will also be available for reading at Consultation Counters on Comprehensive IP Support Measures opening in all prefectures across Japan. These counters are bases supporting SMEs and other entities in accessing IP information. Furthermore, the JPO will distribute the paper version of the brochure. To obtain a copy, please contact the following contact counter in the JPO. Please note that the number of paper brochures to be distributed is limited.


Division in Charge

Information Dissemination and Policy Promotion Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office