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The JPO Acquires Patent Right for System for Searching Patent Documents

May 11, 2020

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) hereby announces that it filed applications for patent and trademark registration for a system for searching patent documents and successfully acquired the related patent right.

1. Overview of the system and acquisition of related patent right

In examining patent applications, examiners are required to search a large number of patent documents from around the world.

To conduct appropriate searches of such documents, the JPO must accumulate data on patent documents that are issued by patent offices from around the world in databases and must ceaselessly update the databases to ensure it contains the latest data. In particular, as data structures of patent documents from around the world have different styles and languages depending on countries and regions that issue the patent documents, the JPO must convert such data into an appropriately searchable form and collect it in a database, and this approach is critical for maintaining the quality of patent examinations at the JPO.

To address these challenges, the JPO developed a system for searching patent documents and a system for managing it (collectively called “ADPAS”) by fully taking advantage of experimental AI and other technologies and successfully acquired a patent right for the technologies involved in this. Through this system, users are able to use their desired language and patent classification system to conduct a collective search of patent documents from around the world, which are written in a variety of languages and have been classified using different patent classification systems* , e.g., searching documents from around the world with the Japanese language and FI, which is Japan’s well-organized patent classification system.

This acquisition of the patent right aims to: [i] ensure the stable operation of the new, in-house developed system for searching patent documents within the JPO and [ii] enable a wide range of domestic users and overseas patent offices and other related organizations to make use of the patented technologies in a safe and legal manner. Along with this patent application, the JPO also filed an application for a trademark registration of “ADPAS” and this application is expected to be examined in Japan.

The JPO will continue to provide efficient and high-quality patent examinations with taking advantage of these systems.

*Note 1: Patent classification is a system under which certain indices are assigned to patent applications according to the details of the inventions described in the applications. Patent classification systems often vary among countries and regions.

2. Overview of the patent and trademark applications

(1) Patent application

January 22, 2020: An application was filed (Patent Application Number 2020-8423).
March 10, 2020: The patent was granted for the application.
April 28, 2020: The patent gazette was issued (Patent Number 691280).

(2) Trademark application

[i] July 30, 2019: Domestic applications were filed.

Trademark Application Number 2019-103296: “ADPAS” (in Japanese)
Trademark Application Number 2019-103297: “ADPAS”
As of May 11, 2020, a notification of reasons for refusal or other documents have not yet been issued.

[ii] July 30, 2019: An international application was filed under the Madrid Protocol.

August 6, 2020: The trademark was internationally registered.
International Registration Number 1492696: “ADPAS”

Division in Charge

Administrative Affairs Division, Patent and Design Examination Department (Physics, Optics, Social Infrastructure and Design), JPO