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AIST to Establish “Tokyo Zero-emission Innovation Bay”

June 2, 2020

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (president: Ishimura Kazuhiko; hereinafter referred to as “AIST”) will establish an council, “Tokyo Zero-emission Innovation Bay,” aiming to develop the areas around the Tokyo Bay Area into world-leading innovation areas committed to zero-emission technologies through collaboration among companies, research institutes and other organizations located in the areas.

1. Background

In January 2020, the Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council decided on the Environment Innovation Strategy for finding solutions to the issue of climate change, which is an urgent global challenge. As one of the measures for promoting technological development, this strategy upholds realization of a new scheme called “Tokyo Bay Zero-emission innovation area,” a goal that the Tokyo Bay Area, where a variety of companies, universities, research institutes and other organizations related to the fields of energy and the environment are located, should be evolved into world-leading innovation areas committed to zero-emission technologies.

2. Outline of the council

In response, AIST will establish “Tokyo Zero-emission Innovation Bay” on June 2, 2020, together with a dozen companies and other organizations. The council will engage in a variety of efforts, including [i] preparation of an area map containing information on activities by companies, universities, research institutes, administrative organizations and other organizations which are located in the areas around the Tokyo Bay Area, and conveyance of such information to overseas countries; [ii] planning and promotion of research and development projects and demonstration projects, including proposals for national projects, and dissemination and utilization of the project results, and [iii] exchange, among members, of information on efforts for achieving research and development, demonstration tests and businesses involving zero-emission technologies, and promotion of collaboration among members.

3. Future actions

AIST will open a call for members to companies and other organizations that agree with the purpose of the council and are engaging in activities for zero-emission technologies in the Tokyo Bay Area, and will hold a general meeting for celebrating the establishment of the council on June 16, 2020. Currently, about 50 organizations have already filed applications for membership.

Note: For details and information on filing an application for membership, see the AIST press release here.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) expects the council to increase momentum toward accelerating efforts for zero-emission technologies in the Tokyo Bay Area and toward realizing the Tokyo Bay Zero-emission innovation area scheme. Moreover, METI will support the council in collaborating with bases and other facilities in Tomakomai in Hokkaido Prefecture, Osakikamijima in Hiroshima Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture which are engaging in development of technologies for carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), carbon recycling, and hydrogen, respectively.

Division in Charge

Energy and Environment Innovation Strategy Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau