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The 3rd Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan to be Held

August 24, 2020

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold the 3rd Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan in Japan, a country facing advancement of an aging society at the world’s fastest speed. This is an international event bringing together experts with outstanding knowledge at home and abroad to hold discussions on future directions of aging societies, and especially, how to ensure they are full of vitality.

With about one-third of the total population being elderly, Japan has become a super-aging society ahead of other countries. As the number of patients suffering from lifestyle-related diseases or dementia is growing in a more serious manner, the industry, academia and government sectors have been working together and advancing a variety of efforts. Against this backdrop, Japan considers it important to: convey these efforts to the rest of the world and further develop society by taking advantage of the world’s wisdom, thereby contributing the betterment of aging societies and becoming a role model of an aging society for other countries.

Based on this stance, METI has been holding an event titled “Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan” since 2018 in cooperation with experts at home and abroad in order to encourage international society to share information on healthcare and aging.

As more and more people have been raising awareness of the importance of health-conscious efforts, e.g., healthy diets, healthy daily lives, commitment to social activities and disease prevention, to realize a “well-aging” society in which people are able to become older while keeping their health not only physically but also mentally, Japan has recognized anew the importance of such “well-aging” society backed by the finding that people with such underlying conditions as lifestyle-related diseases are highly likely to enter a severe condition when they suffer from the novel coronavirus disease  or other infectious disease.

The 3rd Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan will hold discussions on a variety of trends and challenges which are changing and emerging worldwide in the “with- or after-coronavirus” era as well as solutions to the challenges, and will aim to accelerate innovations which contribute to extension of the healthy lifespan of people worldwide.

1. Outline of the event

Title of event: 3rd Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan

Date and time: October 12 (Mon.), 2020: From 9:00 to 18:30; October 13 (Tue.), 2020: In the afternoon

Note: For the event on October 12 (Mon.), the number of participants will be limited. Other participants will be able to access the event online. In addition, for the event on October 13 (Tue.), no physical event will be provided, and all participants are required to attend the event online.

Venue: Nihonbashi Hall, Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui Building (address: 2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

Note: In light of impacts which may be caused by the novel coronavirus disease, the number of participants in the event will be limited. Other participants will be able to access the event online. METI will release more information on how to apply for the online or physical event at a later date on the website shown above.

Organizer: METI

Co-organizers (tentative): The Office of Healthcare Policy of the Cabinet Secretariat, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)

Operator: Japan Research Institute, Limited

2. Outline of the event

The event will provide keynote speeches, a panel discussion and other programs, and discussions will be held on current situations of and challenges in each field, future efforts and other issues.

Subjects: Aging society, moonshot research and development, digital health and measures against dementia

Division in Charge

Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group