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Let’s Stockpile Toilet Paper!

- Panel exhibition to be held to encourage the public to stockpile toilet paper-

August 28, 2020

For five days from August 31 to September 4, 2020, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold a panel exhibition in the lobby of the first floor of the METI Main Building, as an event related to Disaster Prevention Day on September 1, aiming to encourage the public to stockpile toilet paper.

Through the exhibition, METI will explain the necessity for stockpiling of toilet paper at home and present information on toilet paper exclusively for stockpiling.

1. Purpose

September 1 is Disaster Prevention Day. If a large-scale disaster hits Japan, people may face a shortage of toilet paper, a necessary commodity in everyday life, as one of the expected serious problems, among other shortages of daily commodities in such case.

Almost all domestic toilet paper is made in Japan. The Japan Industrial Association of Household Paper formulated a Plan for Continuous Supply of Toilet Paper, and the related companies are requested to increase their production of toilet paper in case of disasters. However, even in view of this, it is estimated that people may suffer from a disruption of supply of such paper for one month or so in case of disasters.

In addition, a shortage of daily commodities may be caused not only by disasters but also by other situations.

In February 2020, amid expansion of the novel coronavirus disease, misinformation conveying a possible shortage of toilet paper circulated through SNSs and other means among the public which drove people across Japan to stock up on or buy out toilet paper, leading to a shortage of toilet paper at storefronts. Manufacturers were operating their production lines as usual, but the surge in demand for a very short time caused manufacturers to face situations where shipments could not catch up with demand.

To avoid such shortages in the future, METI considers it important for households to stockpile an appropriate amount of daily commodities.

Based on this expectation, METI will hold a panel exhibition to encourage the public to usually stockpile toilet paper used in disaster situations at home and other places, as an event commemorating Disaster Prevention Day on September 1.

2. Outline of the exhibition

Date: From August 31 (Mon.) to September (Fri.), 2020

Venue: Space for PR activities (area close to the building of the Ministry of Finance) on the first floor of METI Main Building

Organizer: METI

Cooperators in the exhibition: The Japan Industrial Association of Household Paper and the Council for Promoting Stockpiling for Disaster Preparation
Details of the exhibition

Panel exhibition:

To take measures against the novel coronavirus disease, visitors entering the venue are required to thoroughly wash their hands and use antiseptic alcohol for the hands and, in principle, wear a face mask.

Division in Charge

Material Industries Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau