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M&A Handbook for SMEs Formulated

September 4, 2020

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA) formulated an “M&A Handbook for SMEs” to encourage small and medium enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “SMEs”) with no business successors to feel more familiar with M&A as a means for business succession.

1. Outline of the handbook

The SMEA formulated an M&A Handbook for SMEs, a compilation with illustrations explaining key points of successful M&A targeting SMEs (hereinafter referred to as “SME M&A”) to smoothly convey information on such M&A to SMEs with no business successors.

Details of the handbook correspond to Chapter 1 “Guidelines Targeting SMEs with No Business Successors” of the “M&A Guidelines for SMEs,” which the SMEA compiled in March 2020 as a guide on SME M&A. The SMEA recommends that SMEs read the handbook first and then read the guidelines to access detailed information. The SMEA believes that this approach will help SMEs enrich their understanding of SME M&A.

Conventionally, M&A has been a less familiar means for SMEs. However, more and more SMEs have been making use of M&A recently as one of the options for business succession. The SMEA hopes that the handbook will help many business operators of SMEs with no business successors to understand and carry out M&A.

2. Table of contents


1) M&A as potential means for SMEs

2) Early decision making as an important key to successful M&A

3) Flow of steps for M&A

4) M&A specialized firms

5) M&A platforms

6) Consultation counters

3. References

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Division in Charge

Corporate Finance and Tax Affairs Division, Business Environment Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

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