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“Guidebook for Establishing Cybersecurity Systems and Securing Necessary Human Resources” Compiled

- As appendix to Cybersecurity Management Guidelines Ver. 2.0 -

September 30, 2020

On September 30, 2020, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) published a “Guidebook for Establishing Cybersecurity Systems and Securing Necessary Human Resources” (first version; hereinafter referred to as the “guidebook”), a reference for companies in establishing a cybersecurity system and securing the necessary human resources for that purpose in accordance with the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines.

1. Background and purpose

As cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and intricate and threatening industry players in Japan, it is urgently necessary for companies to establish a system involving cybersecurity and to secure and foster human resources for that purpose. To address this situation, METI hereby releases the guidebook to provide a common language, which a variety of personnel in companies, ranging from business management, to personnel in charge of human resources, to practitioners, are able to efficiently refer to in ascertaining key points or approaches that they should consider in establishing such system and securing such human resources.

2. Details of the guidebook

The Cybersecurity Management Guidelines contain 10 Directions. METI prepared this guidebook for the purpose of presenting a reference for companies in holding specific discussions on Direction 2 (Build a management system for cybersecurity risk) and Direction 3 (Secure resources (funding, workforce etc.) for cybersecurity measures) from among the ten directions.

The guidebook mainly targets user companies (large companies and mid-ranking companies) with 300 employees or more. However, METI is willing to encourage other companies and organizations in different circumstances (e.g., group companies of such user companies) to make use of the guidebook if these companies customize the references based on their own circumstances.

In addition, the guidebook is designed to help readers efficiently find their desired information, for example by using “Key Points” sections using bullet points to explain important matters and “Column” sections describing information that is considered to be useful.

3. Downloading the guidebook

Please visit the following website (in Japanese), download the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines Ver. 2.0., which is the latest version, and the guidebook is found in Appendix F.

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