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New Establishment and Revision of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (December 2020)

- Establishment and revision of JIS, including a JIS for storage chests with child safety in mind -

December 21, 2020

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) is a collection of national standards stipulating the criteria for mineral or industrial products, data and services in Japan, including their quality, performance and test methods. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been revising and newly establishing such standards in response to societal and technological changes. METI publicly introduces the newly established and revised standards which are especially important for the economy and for the public once a month in a press release.

1. Outline of the new establishment and revision of standards

In December 2020, METI newly established 17 standards and revised 30 standards. Among these standards, it established 2 standards and revised 12 standards based on proposals prepared by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA), an organization approved under the System for Approval Bodies for Development of Industrial Standards, in which METI is permitted to establish JISs without discussions at the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC), pursuant to the revision of the related law in July 2019, and the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (see Appendix 1). METI believes that the following establishment of JIS is especially important.

Establishment of JIS for chests with safety consciousness for children

Child accidents involving the fall of storage furniture at home have continuously been reported, and some of the accidents were found to be caused by children stepping onto drawers of storage furniture. In light of this situation, METI established JIS S1211 by developing standards for safety of chests,* a type of storage furniture, and test methods thereof and those for methods for information provision, e.g., key points that consumers should note in safe use of chests.

This establishment of the new JIS is expected to improve the safety of chests and facilitate the reduction of risks associated with the fall of such storage units.

*Note: Among other storage furniture, the new JIS targets chests defined as storage furniture, or tansu, only consisting of drawers mainly for storing clothing.

2. Outline of the JIS

The JIS stipulate types and quality of products, data, services, etc., test or assessment methods for ascertaining such types and quality, and the values of standards that businesses are required to meet. Producers, service providers, product users and consumers and other stakeholders, for example, make use of these standards in their approaches to accessing quality products and enjoying provision of services in a secured manner.

METI has been establishing new standards or revising the existing ones for the JIS in response to technological advancements, changes in social environments and other factors as necessary.

For more information on the JIS, visit the following websites.

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4. Contact counter for the respective JIS

If you wish to make any inquiry on details of the respective JIS that have been publicized, please contact the divisions in charge of METI as shown in Appendix 1 by email as far as possible. Please note that the division in charge of the JIS shown in Item 1 (∘) above is the International Standardization Division. When sending an email, please clearly indicate your name, the name of your company (if you send an email as a representative of a company or other entity), and your contact information.

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