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Pitch Presentation Event “Atotsugi Koshien” for Future Successors of SMEs to be Held

January 12, 2021

On February 19 (Fri.), 2021, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA) will hold a pitch presentation event called “Atotsugi Koshien” in which future successors of SMEs compete against each other in their plans for revitalizing SMEs with new business. This event aims to foster momentum for business succession among the younger generations; and encourage SME growth that takes advantage of the succession of existing businesses to efficiently reallocate resources.

1. Title of the event

2. Date and time

February 19 (Fri.), 2021; from 13:00 to 17:30

3. Background and overview

In December 2019, SMEA formulated the SME Business Succession Support Package, aiming to encourage the next generation of energetic business owners and entrepreneurs to revitalize SMEs that are intending to close their businesses while making a profit simply for lack of a successor. Since then, it has been providing measures related to supporting SMEs in business succession.

As part of this effort, this pitching event, “Atotsugi Koshien,” will be held nationwide for the first time, aiming to foster public awareness and attach prestige to the effort of taking over existing businesses, encouraging young business enthusiasts to embrace the business opportunities that are created through the succession of existing profitable businesses, in particular, for the young generations; and through this, to increase the vitality and profitability of those SMEs.

In the final examination, the finalists, who are future business successors (participants in their early 30s or younger applied from areas across Japan and were screened through preliminary examinations), will make presentations on their business plans for the SMEs, taking advantage of the tangible and intangible business resources cultivated by the previous owners and operators of the business. Examiners, consisting of experts on startups and family businesses, will decide the Grand Prix winner.

4. Detailed information on the event

This event will be held online. Information on how to apply for public viewing, the program of the event, etc. has been released on the website exclusively for the Atotsugi Koshien.

Division in Charge

Corporate Finance and Tax Affairs Division, Business Environment Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency