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JPO Status Report 2021 Released

March 31, 2021

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) hereby announces the release of the JPO Status Report 2021, a compilation of statistical information and policy outcomes from 2020. The Status Report swiftly conveys information on the current situation surrounding the intellectual property system, as well as the JPO’s initiatives and other matters. The report is written in both Japanese and English throughout, so that it can serve as a compilation of the latest information on intellectual property for people both inside and outside Japan.

1. Outline of the Status Report

Part 1: Facts and Figures on Trends in Intellectual Property

Chapter 1 Trends in Intellectua l Property in Japan

(Statistical information on patent/design/trademark applications and registration with the JPO)

Chapter 2 Trends in Intellectual Property Worldwide

(Statistical information on patent/design/trademark applications and registration with the IP5 Offices)

Part 2: 2020 Policy Outcomes

Chapter 1 Examinations/Trials and Appeals

(Initiatives for the speed of examinations/trials and appeals, improvement of the quality thereof, etc.)

Chapter 2 International Initiatives

(Initiatives to promote cooperation with IP offices and related organizations and harmonization of IP systems and practices)

Chapter 3 Support Measures, Law Amendments, Etc.

(Initiatives to support Startups, SMEs, universities, etc., and response to the COVID-19 pandemic)

2. Facts & Events 2020

This section provides digest information on the major statistical information concerning the speed and quality of the examination process respectively for patents, designs and trademarks, and the major policy outcomes and events in 2020.

3. Statistical information

This section provides the latest key statistics on intellectual property, including the number of applications in 2020.
Steady progress in universities' intellectual property strategies was seen. For example, the total number of patent registrations by the top 11 universities in 2020 increased by approximately 70 from 2019.

Top 11 Universities, etc., with the Most Number of Patent Registrations in 2020

In addition, the number of utility model applications increased by approximately 15% on a year-on-year basis, mainly due to the vigorous development of technologies related to face masks.

4. Where to find

For the full text of the JPO Status Report 2021, visit the JPO website.

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, Policy Planning and Coordination Department, Japan Patent Office