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JAPAN DAY 2021 Job Fair Held at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

September 28, 2021

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H) co-hosted JAPAN DAY 2021 on September 24 (Fri.) and 25 (Sat.). Held for IIT-H students, the job fair aimed to encourage Japanese companies to hire advanced technical personnel from India.

1. Thirteen Japanese companies participated in JAPAN DAY 2021

There are concerns for shortages of IT talents in the future in Japan. With that in mind, JAPAN DAY aims to support Japanese companies in recruiting advanced technical personnel from India. This year marked the fourth edition of the job fair, and it was attended by 13 companies, including SMEs and startups that are interested in hiring interns and promoting their businesses, as well as recruiting top Indian students. The companies delivered presentations to the students, and then answered their questions (see JAPAN DAY 2020 participating companies [in Japanese syllabary order] below).

2. New Japan-India Industry-Academia-Government collaboration promotion session

Previously, JAPAN DAY had remained as an interactive opportunity between IIT-H and Japanese companies. However, in response to the fact that more than half of the past participating companies showed an interest in collaborative research with IIT-H, this year's program included the first Japan-India Industry-Academia-Government Partnership Promotion Session. A total of seven laboratories from IIT-H took the stage and explained the outline of their research, etc. This was followed by group interviews with Japanese companies interested in joint research with them. The session provided Japanese companies with an opportunity to establish a relationship not only with individual students, but also with IIT-H laboratories, which is expected to help them acquire talent on a longer-term basis.

3. Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H)

IIT-H is part of Indian Institute of Engineering (IIT), the top STEM higher-educational institution in India. It was established in 2008 with technical and financial support from the Japanese government at the request of the Indian government. Since 2012, JICA has been providing scholarships with the aim of promoting research and personnel exchanges between IIT-H and Japanese industry, academia, and government, and establishing a Japan-India network in the areas of education and research. To date, over 100 IIT-H graduates have been sent to Japanese universities as Master's and Doctoral Program students. JAPAN DAY 2021 was also held ahead of JICA's matching event for scholarship recipients studying in Japan and Japanese companies (CONNECT IIT-H). It is an opportunity for companies to promote themselves not only to IIT-H students in India, but also to IIT-H graduates in Japan (JICA scholarship recipients).

  JAPAN DAY 2020 participating companies (in Japanese syllabary order)
1 AWL, Inc
2 DENSO International India PVT. LTD.
3 DG TAKANO Co., Ltd.
4 Fujitsu, Ltd.
5 I'mbesideyou Inc.
6 mil-kin Inc.
7 NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
8 Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.
9 Scala inc
10 Space View Inc.
11 Sunwell Solutions Co.,Ltd.
12 Team AIBOD Inc.
13 Tokhimo Inc.
*NOTE: The list was replaced on October 18, 2021 to correct an error related to company name in No.11.

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